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Entrance Exams - am in purgatory with waiting!

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Mrshighandmighty Sat 09-Jan-10 20:08:30

Hi there - My eldest son (yr 6) has just sat this week the Hampton, St. Benedicts and KGS entrance exams, with Latymer Upper and Emanuel next week. Does anyone have any experience regarding how long you have to wait to find out after the exam whether your child is going to be offered an interview?

Also - what is an interview like? What should we do to prepare him in the event that he might get an interview?

I have four boys altogether, and I know it will be so much easier next time around - but right now, I'm in a purgatory of ignorance!

Help anyone?

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 14-Jan-10 14:53:06

Message withdrawn

Mrshighandmighty Thu 14-Jan-10 14:54:06

Oh ok - didn't take much did it?

Right - hot news ... brace yourself ...

Letters go out tonight and tomorrow night! We'll know by Saturday!

Oh god

stillfeel18inside Thu 14-Jan-10 16:31:49

Mrshighandmighty - we're indebted to you, you brave soul. So just to be clear - is it Hampton letters tonight and KGS tomorrow night?
Okay - need to plan a fun event for Sat afternoon in case it's all baaaad news...

chatham Thu 14-Jan-10 17:57:58

some st bens interview letters posted out today

Mrshighandmighty Thu 14-Jan-10 18:39:19

Its Hampton and St. Bens tonight and tomorrow night (2 waves I think). Ratherbeonthepiste has superior knowledge on the KGS angle, so I think we can rely on the news that girls letters will be very soon and boys letters will be next week ...

Cinema I think for ds on saturday - and a stiff g&t for Mum ...

RatherBeOnThePiste Thu 14-Jan-10 18:44:49

Message withdrawn

stokeytiger Fri 15-Jan-10 10:53:43

mrshighandmighty and stillfeel18inside,
well done for ringing and thanks, I feel you've given me a bit of hope when I thought ds had definetly not got in.

There's still hope, fingers crossed for all of us, don't forget to post any news.

chatham Fri 15-Jan-10 11:25:23

my child got their benedicts interview letter yesterday. anyone heard from hamptons or kgs

stillfeel18inside Fri 15-Jan-10 12:59:55

Yes - still shaking with relief - letter (compliment slip actually so thought it was bad news at first) from KGS to say DS is being invited to interview. Nothing from Hampton today but not so worried now, although I know the interview is another hurdle so it's by no means in the bag yet with KGS. Thanks so much for all your support, everyone - couldn't have got through yesterday without you! Thanks for the interview tips RatherBeonThePiste - love the one about the pencil case, that must have made the interviewer giggle!

Mrshighandmighty Fri 15-Jan-10 13:27:39

We got a interview letter from St. Benedicts today - and a resounding NO from KGS (ds came 448 out of 530 - yikes!) Nothing from Hampton yet ...

Nearly frightened the life out of the postman! Wrenched open the door so quickly, he nearly fell into the hall!!

Congrats stillfeel18inside - wonderful result - I know what you mean about thin letters; I knew KGS was a no the moment I felt the envelope ..

Chatham - how do you feel about St. Bs? I really like the school - DH hasn't seen it yet so still regards it as an also-ran compared with Hampton. Personally I'm just relieved we're in with a shout at a decent school and not thinking about doing all this again for the 13+.

Hasn't anyone heard from Hampton???

stillfeel18inside Fri 15-Jan-10 13:36:42

Mrshighandmighty - Congrats on St Benedicts and commiserations on KGS - they didn't give me the place where DS came but don't think it would have been particularly high so he'll need to sparkle at that interview! St B's is meant to be an excellent school - I considered it but bus journey is just too far for us. Best of luck to your DS.
(No, nothing from Hampton in today's post so maybe tomorrow).

RatherBeOnThePiste Fri 15-Jan-10 13:37:49

Message withdrawn

Caoimhe Fri 15-Jan-10 17:21:34

Mrshighandmighty - congrats on the StB's interview for your ds. I've heard good things about it.

Ds has got an interview at his first choice school (astonishingly!). I was beginning to panic as everyone else I knew had already received their letters earlier in the week!!!

chatham Fri 15-Jan-10 18:33:01

caoimhe- which was his first choice school??
mrs high and mighty- heard really good things about benedicts- not sure what we will do- depends on what happens with the other schools

stokeytiger Fri 15-Jan-10 21:04:51

congratulations on all the interviews.

we've still heard nothing, am hoping they deal with 10+ now all you 11+ers have heard.

Well done everyone... let the interview traumas begin... when will it all end??

stillfeel18inside Sat 16-Jan-10 10:36:07

stokeytiger - a friend told me she rang kgs and they were way behind with everything because of the snow, so hang on in there!
Anyone heard from Hampton? Nothing in today's post for us today.

Caoimhe Sat 16-Jan-10 14:33:17

chatham, am in S London so doing different schools to all of you (or rather ds is!!!). You've probably never even heard of them smile.

skybluewinking Sat 16-Jan-10 14:38:49

I remember this time so well, am now nearly finished, one lot of Uni applications and A levels to
A crumb of comfort: Any school that my dcs did not get in to always, ALWAYS turned out to be for the best.
When my Dd buggered an A level and didn't get her Uni place she was devastated, but retook, went to a 'better' uni, and was very very happy.
Please do not think these results are the be all and end allwink


wolfbrother Sat 16-Jan-10 15:42:55

Wise words from skyblue there

stillfeel18inside Mon 18-Jan-10 13:06:56

skybluewinking - thanks for the comforting words - particularly timely as we've just received a "no" from Hampton. In reality I knew it probably wasn't the right place for DS but still there's always that feeling of "why wouldn't they want my DS?" and I'm guessing they don't like being phoned up and quizzed on how he did on each paper!

Mrshighandmighty Mon 18-Jan-10 13:12:04

We got a no too from Hampton.

Am crushed ...

stillfeel18inside Mon 18-Jan-10 13:32:56

So sorry to hear that. I have heard a lot of boys not getting an interview there, over the years, but getting places at good schools elsewhere, but that's probably no comfort if it's the school you and your DS had your hearts set on. Are you telling him? I'm going to wait until after he's finished his exams because he's feeling confident at the moment and I don't want to spoil that.

skybluewinking Mon 18-Jan-10 14:12:34

It is devastating I know, but TRY not to communicate that to your lovely boys, (girls too, obv, but you all seem to have boys on here).Sure you know, but it is v hard to hide your own disappointment.

I know in my heart that the school that my DS did not go to required huge self confidence (some would say over confidence wink )It would have crushed him. He is now very happy, and got a scholarship (proud)!

One more thing, Do not get caught up in that horrid school gate competition thing, it leads to unhappiness for you, I think it was one of the reasons I moved away from West London!

controlfreakery Mon 18-Jan-10 18:10:03

what did your boys think of the cls exam today?
ds2 said "it was ok... harder than ucs last week" and looked a bit shel shocked when i collected him...
hmmm. hard not to x xamine him for all the details... but he thought the english was hard.

Caoimhe Mon 18-Jan-10 19:31:32

So sorry about Hampton, Mrshighandmighty, but at least your ds has the StB's interview to look forward to and the exams this week may produce a better outcome. Good luck!

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