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St Philomena, The Ursuline, Virgo Fidelis - your views?

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BarkisIsWilling Sun 29-Nov-09 18:02:05

Hi all,

I'm looking at the above schools for 2011 entry, and would like to know more about them beyond their website info.

Any views welcome. Thanks in advance

CardyMow Wed 02-Dec-09 11:56:01

Is the Ursuline the one in Bentwood? If so, my mum wanted me to go there when I was that age. I they still have the disgusting deckchair stripe uniform??!!

CardyMow Wed 02-Dec-09 11:56:42

oops meant Brentwood

Lilymaid Wed 02-Dec-09 12:00:59

Or the one in Wimbledon .... aargh!
I went there so long ago that the school can't possibly be anything like it was then!

serenity Wed 02-Dec-09 12:22:15

Don't know anything about Ursuline, but quite a lot of girls from our primary go to Virgo. Everyone seems to be pretty happy with it, haven't heard anything bad. I live 5 minutes away and go past it all the time, and they all seem really polite and well turned out.

St Phil's has a good reputation too. I know someone who's applied, and she was pretty impressed when she went for a look around. I think it's quite hard to get into though - very oversubscribed.

BarkisIsWilling Wed 02-Dec-09 18:47:16

Thanks people!

Yep, I meant the Ursuline school in SW19.

Virgo seems to be the least rated (by others) of the three, but it's the nearest to me.

Secondaryglazedover Wed 02-Dec-09 19:48:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BarkisIsWilling Wed 02-Dec-09 20:19:08

2ndaryglazedover, your last couple of sentences chime with what someone said to me about the Ursuline girls probably having more fun than the ones at St Phil's.

MsDav Thu 03-Dec-09 15:40:05

Plus the St Phil's uniform is vile :D

Secondaryglazedover Thu 03-Dec-09 19:57:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BarkisIsWilling Sat 09-Jan-10 17:03:50

I think I'm more inclined to either VF or St Philomena's having investigated a bit more. The Ursuline school is a bit harder to get to for us.

Monty100 Sun 10-Jan-10 01:19:23

Just found this and am tired so cut to the quick. Thought VF not well resourced, didn't really like the atmosphere, I didn't look at St Philomena's as too far away but I hear it is wonderful academically. Have you looked at Coloma Convent? Depends what your dd wants or you want.

Best of luck.

Mamazon Sun 10-Jan-10 01:39:02

i went to Ricards lodge and so knew a lot of teh Ursuline girls as we would fight with them regularly.
one of their lot stabbed a security guard at Centre courts and one of ours got the blame.

My friends DD currently goes to St Phils and loves it. from what i can tell its a lot more religious than Ursuline but not in a preachy over the top way iyswim. its more like a formal guidance of how they should behave wheras ursuline just teach the curriculum with an extra RE lesson here and there.

I would say that St Phil's would be my choice if it were my daughter.

Monty100 Sun 10-Jan-10 01:41:44

Me too.

BarkisIsWilling Sun 10-Jan-10 13:15:43

Thanks Monty27 & Mamazon.

Coloma is too far. Don't want dd to "travel" as opposed to "go" to school.

Should I also consider La Retraite?

eeek!!! decisions! decisions!

Monty100 Sun 10-Jan-10 14:03:37

Bark - I know what you mean about travelling to school! Coloma is really easily accessible from East Croydon which seems to have great train connections depends where you are obv. I can't say I know La Retraite although I have heard of it. If dd was here she could help but she'll be back later.

It has been three years since I did this for ds (dd is 16) and I don't know if the process is the same but the only piece of advice is to fill in all the boxes, do not leave any empty boxes because that gives the LEA the opp to make a decision for you if you aren't successful with your choices iyswim? (I gave this advice to someone, they ignored it and left gaps, but were unsuccessful with the choices they put on the form so the LEA gave him a place at their nearest most awful secondary school).

It's a tough one and I really don't envy you. I wish you luck with it.

BarkisIsWilling Sun 10-Jan-10 14:20:26

Monty, thanks ever so much for your response and advice. I'll fill in all the boxes. My nearest school is St Martin's (so wouldn't be the worst thing to happen -lol)

The other consideration I have is that 2 years later ds will follow dd into sec. sch.

We want them to be close together, if not in the same school and I thought "VF is paired with St Joseph's, so job done!"

And then you posted. Now I've got my nails bitten to the quick pondering my choice of an under-resourced school.

Need to ask: what does an under resourced school mean, to you?

Monty100 Sun 10-Jan-10 15:33:17

Bark - No problem.

Have a look at VF, it is several years since I looked at it, by under resourced I meant well, it had a lot of temp teachers and I'd heard at the time there was a high turnover of staff.

DS goes to St J's by the way and moans about it, a lot of bullying etc. However, I would say St J's is a good school as long as the child is academic with a bit of a thick skin and good family support. It's a bit tough imo. I can't see that I've witnessed any great attachment between VF and St J's apart from the fact they are quite near each other.Our first choice for ds was J Fisher but we didn't get in (app because I am divorced shock) so it might just be that he is still miffed iyswim.

If St Martin's is a good school then put it on the form even if it is your final choice, there's a lot to be said for going to school instead of travelling to school as you said before. smile

BarkisIsWilling Sun 10-Jan-10 17:08:56

Did you not consider BTG then? That would be my first choice, but dd says she wants to go to a girls' school.

I may have to override her.

Monty100 Sun 10-Jan-10 17:17:23


Dd wanted a girls' school too so that's what I did, deciding I'd cross prob with ds when I got to it sort of thing. (She went to CC).

BarkisIsWilling Sun 10-Jan-10 17:34:55

Bishop Thomas Grant, Head is Mr Desa.

Monty100 Sun 10-Jan-10 17:45:56

Oh, I've heard of that, is that Wimbledon? I think that was too far for me I'm SE London.

BarkisIsWilling Sun 10-Jan-10 18:07:13

No, it's in Streatham on the 417 route. Walkable from Crown Point.

I like CC but as dd was baptised at 12 months plus, it's not very likely we'd be considered. Plus the distance factor.

Caoimhe Sun 10-Jan-10 19:01:52

Monty27 - I wouldn't woory too much about your ds not getting J Fisher - I know several boys there and there is definitely a bullying problem at the school.

serenity Sun 10-Jan-10 19:11:05

I wasn't that impressed with Saint Jo's tbh. It appears to have gone downhill a fair amount, and I wasn't impressed with the tome of it when I was looking for DS1. It didn't feel very... nurturing. BTG on the other hand felt far more of a community feel, although it wasn't for us (too much of an emphasis on the religious side for me, plus it reminded me of my secondary too much!) The majority of children from our primary go to BTG, and all the parents from this years Yr7 intake seem very happy (FWIW DS1 started at Dunraven, and I am unbelievably happy with it and his progress, but I wanted a secular state school)

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