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nervous about placing request

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wigglybeezer Tue 10-Nov-09 23:16:53

getting really nervous about the placing request i have made for DS1 for next year, it seems that the local authority have a non-publicised list of the dates on wich prospective parents made their interest in a place known (this is to choose between equidistant candidates in a fight over the last place, first come first served). this is NOT mentioned in the literature and while muggins was carefully weighing up pros and cons others were whipping in their forms. I feel very naive and trusting now and worried that I have got DS1's hopes up in vain (I once said maybe about a puppy and then we discovered he was allergic to dog saliva, he was gutted, i obviously haven't learnt my lesson). We are number 13! on the list. This is worse than job interviews. Arrgh.

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