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'bullying' in DS1s class

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madamearcati Sun 25-Oct-09 13:45:41

There is a girl, lets call her 'Claire' in DS1 (14) class who was moved there because she was apparently being bullied in her old class.
The girl has a slight physical disability .Last week a large number of the kids in DS's class (not DS but many of his friends) were called into the headteachers office and 'shouted at' for bullying this girl.They weren't given any information about what it was they were supposed to have done .None of the other children have witnessed any bullying and the general concensus is that claire is an attention seeker and a trouble maker.But all the kids in the class have been told if they mention a word about it to Claire they will automatically be expelled.
What DS says happens is that claire will say something mean to one of the kids and when they 'argue' back she takes offence.Some of the 'accused' have asked DS and Claie's best friend to ask to put forward to the headteacher what they have seen happen.On the one hand DS doesn't really want to get involved , but on the other hand he really believes Claire is a nasty piece of work and could end up getting someone innocent expelled

Cortina Sun 25-Oct-09 16:57:42

I would be talking to the school about my concerns in a non confrontational way. HTH.

bellavita Sun 25-Oct-09 17:00:16

They cannot expel them just like that...

I agree with Cortina.

seeker Mon 02-Nov-09 21:20:23

I woulde want both sides of this story before I went in all guns blazing.........

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