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Letter of support

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islandofsodor Thu 15-Oct-09 12:11:00

We have been asked to write a letter of support to go with someones application to a 13-18 secondary school. The child is out of catchment and the school is oversubscribed however the child has shown some talent/dedication in a particular area but her catchment school does not offer this subject for GCSE or A Level.

How should we word this and will it do her any good?

titchy Thu 15-Oct-09 12:15:38

What's the subject and what's your role? TBH I doubt it will do any good, but worth a try...

She could always find a 6th form college to do the subject at A Level, so depriving her of the chance to do it at GCSE probably won't wash tbh.

islandofsodor Thu 15-Oct-09 12:28:36

Problem is many of the 6th forms in the area will not take anyone for A LEvel if they havn't studied it at GCSE (though we could perhaps work out a way where she takes an equivalent level qualification.

It is theatre studeies/dance.

roisin Fri 16-Oct-09 19:28:32

It depends on the admissions criteria. If aptitude is part of the admissions criteria, then it should help. If it's all about distance, then it won't be any use at all.

But it might be useful as evidence if they don't get a place and appeal.

ramonaquimby Fri 16-Oct-09 19:33:24

yes it might do her some good, depending on what else they have in their appeal application (assuming it gets to this stage)

I'd say how talented she is in theatre studies/dance (give evidence for this, how long you've known her, your qualifications, etc etc) and that she and the school would certainly benefit from her being a pupil there.

is the letter in support of her attending the out of catchment? don't mention the other school

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