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Should I move dd?

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madminnie Thu 08-Oct-09 19:20:20

Two years ago we found it really difficult deciding between several schools for dd. We knew we were so lucky to have a choice but it was really difficult making the decision. She's now in Year 8 and I'm wondering if we made the wrong decision. She's happy enough but I just feel the teaching is a bit dull and she's lost the curiosity and liveliness she had about learning before. I don't know if this is just happens at this stage or whether it really is something to do with the school. Or if it's just my problem! The other day she mentioned how she'd worked with a couple of people she doesn't normally sit with - the class geeks she called them blush - and really enjoyed the lesson. We didn't choose the more academic schools she could have gone to because we wanted something more rounded but I'm thinking perhaps we should reconsider for Year 9. Am I mad?

maria1665 Thu 08-Oct-09 23:43:02

I haven't any advice to give. Just wanted to bump your thread and also say that we are having similar thoughts.

All I do know is that Year 8 is a bit of a nothing year - nothing to aim for so kids lose focus temporarily, and is especially tricky for girls (funny age etc.)

Is she unhappy? If not, I'd say leave her where she is. Things kick on in year 9.

Good luck.

cory Fri 09-Oct-09 08:11:40

It could be any or several of many things:

Yr 8, as maria says, is a bit of an in-between year

your dd is changing and growing so her perception of things could be changing (intellectual curiosity and liveliness often take a bit of a back seat in the early teen years)

also, the other children are changing, so their attitude could be different quite independently of the school iyswim, just because they are entering their teens

the teaching may well be a bit dull- but there is no guarantee that that won't happen elsewhere from time to time (whispers: I have come across dull Oxbridge dons)- it's more about how she tackles that problem

she is getting to an age where more of the onus is on her to throw herself into the work rather than be swept along

It may be that you should let her change schools- but it is very difficult to know without knowing her and the school.

madminnie Fri 09-Oct-09 18:02:11

Thanks for the replies. Yes, it could be just early teen changes and the Year 8 dip seems quite common. Glad to know others feel the same way. She's not unhappy which probably means we should leave her where she is especially as we don't know if it would be better anywhere else. We'll see how it goes over the next few months, I think.

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