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Can any teachers tell me how much info they get about SEN pupils?

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Hassled Fri 02-Oct-09 11:42:02

I mean from the SENCo - are you just told X has Dyslexia and Y is Aspergic, or are you given copies of say, Ed Psych reports?

DS2 (yr 7) is Dyspraxic - his handwriting is a real problem so he has been given a laptop. That's all fine. But there are other issues - while he's very bright, he's on the 7th centile for processing unfamiliar information, slow organisation of ideas, has problems focussing on a whiteboard etc. This is all in assorted reports coming from assessments over the years, which the Junior School assure me would have been passed to the High School when he transferred.

But while I know the SENCo knows this, the subject teachers seem oblivious. There's no IEP as yet this term but I don't even really understand how that's useable in a High School. And DS2 is in a right state about it all. I've spoken to the Year Head who made all the right noises, but can you tell me what's the standard level of knowledge about individual needs?

Many thanks.

bluefootedpenguin Fri 02-Oct-09 14:59:27

For every child in school we have access to CAT results and KS2 sats. For children that are under the SENCo we are given basic information as you mention above but no confidential information such as psych reports, but may be told if the child has particular issues with attachment or a history of violent behaviour etc. Difficulties with hearing, focussing etc are also usually brought to our attention so that children can be seated appropriately within a room and teaching can meet their needs. We have access to all of our pupils IEPs electronically on the school intranet(teachers and staff only) and the SENCo usually suggests strategies that are particularly effective with the individual. We report the pupils progress against their IEP directly to the SENCo for each subject on an annual basis. Our Year 7's also come with a history provided from the Junior school which should contain the information they say they have passed to the secondary school, but this is confidential and usually only seen by academic coordinators who then decide what information is passed down to teaching staff. As a Yr7, the staff should be aware of his abilities and needs, but I am sad to say that these will not always be catered for in whole class teaching.

Hassled Fri 02-Oct-09 19:20:11

Many thanks - that's really useful to know. And quite reassuring re the IEP being used - I will push for them to get one sorted asap. It's a big school - intake of 240, so I do appreciate how hard it must be to get the information across to staff.

But since I posted, DS2 has reported that the PE teacher threatened to lock the changing rooms if he didn't get dressed more quickly - the Dyspraxia obviously affects doing up buttons, putting on socks etc. And clearly the PE teacher had no bloody clue. And this is a subject where co-ordination matters. Grrr.

TheFallenMadonna Fri 02-Oct-09 19:26:29

If there is no IEP in place yet, and ours have just gone onto the intranet, ask the HOY to let his teachers know what strategies they need to use with your DS. And make sure that the TAs know. Even if he doesn't have a TA, there might be one in his classes who can keep an eye on things.

We certainly do use IEPs in our school btw, and would be trouble if we didn't.

roisin Fri 02-Oct-09 20:23:28

At the start of term when the child joins the school we get a "pen portrait". This may be just a couple of lines, it might be half a page for a statemented child. We also have access to all the prior attainment & assessment data (SATs, CATs, etc.) Once IEPs have been written, class teachers are given copies of these too.

In addition SENCO/TAs, do provide regular updates on individual requirements for individual students. eg. Billy keeps forgetting to wear his glasses, Lucy's hearing aids aren't working atm.

Having said all that, it's up to individual class teachers to cross-reference the data against their individual classes. My school has c.1800 students currently, and some teachers (eg music, art, IT) may teach up to 600 pupils every week shock With a SEN ratio of about 30%, you will understand that it takes a while to assimilate all the data. It is a far more challenging set-up than in primary where a teacher only has 30 students to get to know. Even a teacher of a core subject like English or Science will usually have at least 200 students every week.

nymphadora Fri 02-Oct-09 20:44:00

[[hijack]]] hi roisin! How's the new job?

Hassled Fri 02-Oct-09 20:46:05

Thank you Roisin and TheFallenMadonna - that's really helped give me a picture of how it all works. I keep having to remind myself we're only a few weeks in - but I will definately chase the IEP.

roisin Fri 02-Oct-09 22:40:06

Hi nymphadora! I enjoy my role and it's so much less stressful than cover. However ...

Do you still have my email address? I'll tell you more off-board hmm grin

nymphadora Sat 03-Oct-09 07:35:37

No just had pv one will text you mine

roisin Sat 03-Oct-09 08:57:12

pv one should still work til half term.

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