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Secondary School - Aptitude Test for Languages

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davidla Wed 30-Sep-09 12:58:37

A very good secondary school reasonably near us allows about 30 students to enter year 7 based on Aptitude Test for Languages.
Does anyone have experience of these? The school says they can't let us know about previous test questions, so I wondered if anyone know what kind of questions they ask?

bruffin Wed 30-Sep-09 14:14:20

A school near us has aptitude for language tests.
From what I can gather they use a less well known language, they give the children an example of a verb in a language with its different endings for past, present, future
then give other verb roots and they are supposed to work out past, present future for those. I assume there must be more to the test.

Your child wouldn't be expected to learn another language for the test, as it is about potential rather than ability.

Also ask around if you know other children that have taken the test in the past.

Also each school set their own type of test, so it may be different from the above.

davidla Wed 30-Sep-09 15:32:17

Thanks for that.
I was aware that our DS wouldn't have to learn a language for the test, just wondered what kinds of questions would get asked - so that's a bit more knowledge gained! (I believe there is also an oral section as well.)
Will see if I can find out about other kids who have taken the test.

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