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IT aptitude test???

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sneakergirl Sun 27-Sep-09 15:52:08

I wonder if anyone has any clues on this ... my DD is in year 6 and we are just outside the catchment area for our preferred secondary school (a specialist Science, Maths and IT school). It is possible to sit an Information Technology Aptitude Test to gain admission to the school (10% of the year 7 admissions). Does anyone have any idea what this would involve? I've had a google and not come up with much in the way of IT ... I'm planning on having a tour of the school during the 'working day' so will try to get some more info then, but just wondered if anyone had any ideas?

bruffin Sun 27-Sep-09 16:07:52

My DS got a place at a similar school with and aptitude for technology.
The test from what I can gather was a combination of Non Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning and they contrast the results, looking for children who are better at NVR.

But the school was very secretive about what the tests would be, we found out from parents of children who had taken the test previously.
Also I don't think there is a standard test for this type of thing.

bruffin Sun 27-Sep-09 18:51:12

Had another thought, they are not allowed to test for ability, just the potential of ability.
We have schools in our area that take 10% on aptitude for language. The tests are an obscure languange that most children are unlikely to know and they give them examples of verbs and verb endings and they have to work out other verbs IYSWIM

sneakergirl Sun 27-Sep-09 20:41:08

Thanks bruffin ... there are a couple of parents I know whose children have done the test previously, so will ask them too ...

Don't like the sounds of that language test! Sounds very tricky hmm

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