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Note on DS records "Do not leave alone"

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bruffin Wed 23-Sep-09 22:36:19

In May DS 14 was taken ill at school which led to him having a febrile seizure and rushed to hospital unconscious in an ambulance.Turns out he had atypical pneumonia He has a long history of febrile convulsions but the last one was 3 years ago when he was 10 so not at this school.

I was sent Data Entry Sheets today to make sure names and addresses etc are correct. Also there is an "important note" which says

"History of fits which may be triggered temperature etc Do not leave alone. He had a severe fit in May"

He has been diagnosed with GEFS+ which in his case is basically a genetic history of febrile convulsions beyond the age of 6. He may never have another one again, but there is also no guarantee he won't.

How realistic is it that he won't every be left alone in school? Under what circumstances are children left along in secondary school? Would every teacher he comes across read this note?

Just curious really, although I will probably get a little pedantic and ask them to change the may to are

cory Thu 24-Sep-09 07:05:43

A child (unless with severe SEN or autism) may well be left alone in secondary school; after all, most children of this age make their own way to school, on foot or on public transport.

So unless he has severe learning difficulties, it would probably be up to your ds to make sure he is not left alone and that he alerts a teacher if he feels in any way feverish or unwell.It will be his job to show your note to the teacher, not the teacher's job to go and look in his planner. After all, at 14, he is growing up and needs to learn how to manage this potential disability on an adult level.

My 12yo dd has various health problems and sometimes needs to use a wheelchair; it's up to her to find someone to help her with bags etc. Also her job to make sure that any teacher who needs to is shown the relevant notes in her planner. And her job to let individual teachers know that she is not allowed to use the stairs.

magentadreamer Thu 24-Sep-09 07:18:27

Unless they are going to give him a minder while on school premises of course he is going to be left alone at some stage! The medic in me feels that what they might be trying to say is if your DS has a temperature he shouldn't be left alone till appropriate help is available, ie don't just send him to the nurses office, escort him there.

cory Thu 24-Sep-09 07:51:29

agree with magenta that it must be about your ds not being left alone when he is unwell, e.g. in the medical office while waiting for treatment

the idea of never leaving a 14yo alone when he is not unwell seems unworkable

bruffin Thu 24-Sep-09 10:01:44

Thanks, I have just spoken to the school and it is for the medical office, if he goes to them the note will pop up on the computer. This note was seperate to the medical notes at the bottom which I think was a little confusing.

I have already arranged with the school for him to carry paracetamol/ibroprufen with him just in case and that he is to be kept at school until someone collects him. We are not close by and he goes to school by train.

I have never thought about it , but putting a note in his planner, it's a good idea just in case a teacher doesn't know his history.

nellynaemates Fri 25-Sep-09 00:15:11

I work in a secondary school and we used to have a pupil who was never left alone because of potential fits. Never. We didn't go into the toilet cubicle with her but we did have to stand outside. She was supervised all through break and lunch time until she was escorted to her mum at the end of the day.

It can be done but it means cover for all classes from support staff.

bruffin Sat 26-Sep-09 14:30:50

Thanks Nelly

It doesn't need to be that drastic. As long as he is looked after and we are contacted if he is feeling ill I will be happy.

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