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Independent schools near Orpington??

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ChildOfThe70s Wed 16-Sep-09 13:59:42

We currently live in central London but are planning to move to Orpington or thereabouts. I know there is a v.good grammar school (St Olaves) but as I've heard its really competitive I'm not sure my boys would get in! We are considering the idea of independent schools, which we couldn't afford if we stayed in London but have no idea where to start looking really - does anyone have any recommendations for good schools in the Orpington/Bromley area please??

undercoverelephant Wed 16-Sep-09 17:38:31

Hello, I don't live in Orpington, but I'm not far away. I've met lots of people that moved to the Bromley area from inner London because the state schools are generally very good. Can't vouch for the independents...but I'm sure there will be someone here on MN that can.
My DCs are still little, so I've only had primary school experience so far (state) but that has been good.
I have heard similar things about St. Olaves - it's academically very strong, but also very competitive.
The Langley Park schools in Beckenham have a very good reputation, particularly the boys school. But the catchments are pretty small.
Sorry - not much help re Orpington!

pagwatch Wed 16-Sep-09 17:46:47

My son went to Bickley Parva for a while - that was a very good prep school. When my son moved to a well regarded independent in Surrey from there he was quite far ahead of the boys.

Eltham Collage was one they sometimes moved on to post prep but we left before we reached that point.
Sevenoaks school looked good but no personal knowledge other than sports matches

ChildOfThe70s Thu 17-Sep-09 12:00:38

Thanks both of you. I am a very clueless because DH and I went to state schools and have not been in a position to consider private before. There seem to be quite a few prep schools, but not many senior schools - where do they all end up?

pagwatch Thu 17-Sep-09 12:58:18

If you go and look at the prep schools they will show you where their children tend to feed into a senior school.

Children tend to travel further for senior school - especially the good ones.
DS1s school has boys coming in from out of county on the train and most schools have coach services for senior school. DS1 was 7 when we keft Kent so had no need to investigate to fully smile

MoreSpamThanGlam Sun 20-Sep-09 19:29:48

I live in Orpington and my son has sat the Kent tests this weekend so that he has the possible option of Wilmington Grammar (which has a bus service running from several points in Orpington)and Skinners (Tunbridge Wells). he is also taking the Olaves test, but, as you know it is very competitive.

Depending on where you are planning to live in Orpington, you can get a bus straight through to Eltham College, which is very popular.

It's not something that I can afford and so my choice is Bishop Justus as a 4th option, although many prefer Darrick Wood or Ravens Wood for Boys. The catchment is very tight for both of these schools. Hope this helps.

treefutom12 Wed 09-Mar-16 22:01:50


We are going to move to Orpington in couple months. Searching for good preparatory school near Orpington for my DS in Reception now.

Wonder if anyone can help on suggesting a good school.

Thank you!

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