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Got the secondary school addmissions book yesterday...

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teamcullen Sat 12-Sep-09 12:34:40

it seems like we are one street outside the catchment for about five schools. The school that we are in the catchment for has only been open 3 years from 2 failing schools.(hardly time to build a reputation)

DS attends a primary school further away from where we live because when we moved house last year we kept DCs at their old school. The school is a feeder school to a good faith school where most of his friend will be going. It is always over subscribed so we are not garenteed a place.

The headteacher advised me to put the feeder school as first choice and the school I am in the area for as my second choice as this will stand better if it goes to appeal.

But what if that happens and DS doesnt get in and he has to go to a school where I wouldnt send a scabby dog hmm

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