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A Question about Waiting Lists and School Appeals

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loveandlight Sat 12-Sep-09 10:13:10

Does anyone know if you are already on the secondary school waiting list of a foundation school and you make an appeal and it gets turned down, does that mean you also get removed from the school's waiting list and you have to ask to be put back on it again?

The reason I'm asking is because that has just happened to us. I always thought appeals were dealt with separately and it didn't affect you being on the waiting list.

positiveattitudeonly Sat 12-Sep-09 20:34:07

This should not have happened to you. Your place on the waiting list is totally independent from the appeal descision. You can be moved up and down the waiting list if others are added - and dependant on the admissions proceedure, but that is all. I would get your child's name straight back on the waiting list and ask some questions about why this happened.

Good luck with getting the best school for your child. smile

loveandlight Sun 13-Sep-09 09:55:46

Thanks for your reply. I didn't think it was right but couldn't be sure. I am having to file a complaint with the local ombudsman for gross maladministration anyway so I think the school have done this to punish us for appealing. I guess this incident will have to be added to the list as well now

positiveattitudeonly Sun 13-Sep-09 10:20:00

I would check WHO removed you from the list. I think the L.A. are generally in control of the waiting list. Not the school. The school really don't have that much say of who is on a waiting list and who they accept. Unless they have their own admissions policy such as a faith school. That is how it happens here anyway. It would be worth asking some questions about this and getting a clear picture of who and why. Then argue a good case! wink

I will admit to being an appeal panel member, so if you need any more advise, please feel free to ask. I am pleased that you feel confident enough to take a complaint to the ombusman - Really good luck with that!

I would doubt that the school would have removed your child due to the complaint. IF they have a say about the waiting list, they would want you to be on the list, because you are going to such lengths to get into their school. You obviously think that school is the best for your child. They should be pleased that you feel this way.

I would love to know how this goes for you. Please let me know. If you wanted any advise and did not want to put info on a public forum feel free to email me on directioneeded at aol dot com (Direction and needed share the middle N!!)

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