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ds1 starts secondary school in 2 days, he is ill

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SparklyGothKat Tue 01-Sep-09 10:21:29

will it be awful if he misses the first day? He is being sick and has a bad tummy, hoping its a 24 hour bug and he is ok by thursday.

dilemma456 Tue 01-Sep-09 10:23:34

Message withdrawn

PringleMunster Tue 01-Sep-09 10:24:19

I would do all possible to avoid him missing the first day to be honest. The first day is when they get to see the school properly, get their time-tables, start the foundations of friendships etc etc ...

Will he not feel awfully nervous if he has to start a day or two after everyone else?

Does he already have friends there?

SparklyGothKat Tue 01-Sep-09 10:27:31

he is the only child from his old school going there, so knows no-one. He missed his first day at primary school as he had a hospital appointment at great ormond street. He has cerebral palsy so he needs to start with everyone else more so, I feel. I really hope it a 24 hour bug.. fingers crossed

katiestar Tue 01-Sep-09 20:50:00

I'm sure he will be better by then !If not it won't be the end of teh world - they will look after him.

SparklyGothKat Wed 02-Sep-09 09:59:47

he is better today

GrapefruitMoon Wed 02-Sep-09 10:04:49

Glad he is better - I was going to suggest that he went in anyway even if he was a bit under the weather, providing it would be feasible for you to pick him up if he really needed to go home early.

katiestar Wed 02-Sep-09 20:20:25

and infect everyone else ? Nice

SparklyGothKat Wed 02-Sep-09 23:07:55

He is better now Katiestar, if he was still ill I wouldn't have sent him. He was being sick so I wouldn't have done that to him.

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