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Thoughts on dd's A level choices

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asdx2 Thu 27-Aug-09 15:19:07

DD has no real ideas on where her future lies only that she definitely doesn't want to teach, do anything in a medical field or work with children.
So from September will study maths, further maths, english literature, history and art.
She is able and conscientious getting A* in maths and A in the other subjects she has chosen.
My only worry is that she may be stretching herself a bit thin considering Maths A level will be completed in first year an Further maths in second year and there is a huge workload for Art to provide a good portfolio of pieces.
So your thoughts please?

MaggieLeo Thu 27-Aug-09 15:21:10

I see what you mean. One foreign language OR history instead of either lit or art would probably reduce the amount of projects and endless reading a bit.

thedollshouse Thu 27-Aug-09 15:27:28

How is she at science? I'm thinking she obviously likes Maths and if she chooses to go into Engineering at a later date she would need A level Physics.

asdx2 Thu 27-Aug-09 15:35:52

She's good at science all As but she hates it with a passion although think it's most likely down to the teaching rather than the subject. Can't imagine she'll budge on any science as she will experience at least one of her GCSE teachers whether she chose physics or chemistry (her favourite or least disliked anyway)

BonsoirAnna Thu 27-Aug-09 15:39:04

That's not a bad academic combination at all - a good balance between numerical and essay-based subjects, plus art.

With those sorts of interests, she sounds as if she might be interested in architecture. Is that something she has thought of? And, if so, is she quite sure that she has the right combination of A-levels?

I suppose I would find a modern language more intereting than English A-level. That's the only change I would make for a balanced education.

slalomsuki Thu 27-Aug-09 15:45:13

I would suggest a science here too just to balance it out and open up some other university options in the future. If I had to drop something it would either be the further maths or the art unless she is dramatically inclined one way or another.

Why doesn't she have a look at college and university websites and see if she is inspired by any course and what she may have to study to get in in the future

Lilymaid Thu 27-Aug-09 15:46:58

Is she really really good at Maths? DS got A* at GCSE a year early and was advised that he was only really up to A Level Maths and Additional Maths AS - Further Maths being far more difficult and really only for those intending to go on to Maths/Physics degrees. (DS did Maths A2 and Physics A2 and got As for both).
But your DD's choice is a good combination.

asdx2 Thu 27-Aug-09 16:01:37

Yes she got near perfect module scores and dropped very few in the exam. It is invitation only at dd's school to do further maths at A level because they complete AS and A2 maths in the first year and further maths AS and A2 in the second year.
They obviously know how to choose their students because all students chosen will get grade A maths A level in a year (100% record) and either A or B at further maths the year later.

asdx2 Thu 27-Aug-09 16:06:50

Funnily enough her teachers all suggest architecture as a possible career choice for her and she is interested.
The maths and art choices are her favourites so she will keep those I think she just wants to keep her choices wide open and is hoping that as she gets a bit older she will get more of an idea.

SwedesandTurnips Thu 27-Aug-09 16:10:53

Please don't discourage her from doing Art.

Her choices sound lovely to me. She can decide after AS whether she wants to drop a subject at A2.

asdx2 Thu 27-Aug-09 16:20:30

Wouldn't be able to discourage her from Art as it is a passion of hers (not that I would anyway)
She draws and paints for pleasure anyway regardless of projects and topics.
She's a funny combination a logical and mathematical mind alongside a passion for creativity, strange!!!!

bigTillyMint Thu 27-Aug-09 16:29:15

She should go for subjects she enjoys as she is more likely to study hard. I dropped English lit at A'level as I had hated the teacher I had for O'level, and took Chemistry instead as I had got an A at O'level, plus Maths and French.

After a short while I realised I had made a mistake, but couldn't swap to do English. I gave up on the chemistry and only got an O'level pass for it. I still regret not taking English.

Her choices sound widely balanced and will give her a good choice of future courses / jobs.

brummiemummie Thu 27-Aug-09 16:40:22

I wouldn't worry - if those are the subjects she wants to do most then she should do them. She can always drop one if she's finding it too tough. One of my DDs is taking History, Art, English Literature, Physics and Spanish but she is planning on probably dropping one after about a month; whichever she finds hardest.

If DD is really really good at Maths then she shouldn't find the first few units of the Maths A-Level course too challenging so that should give her time to gradually get used to the workload.

BM x

Milliways Thu 27-Aug-09 22:35:32

They are a great range of subjects that will open up an enormous choice at Uni, but I agree with the workload worry.

DD did Maths, Eng Lit & History (+ 2 languages) at AS level, and found it incredibly tough. She did struggle most with Maths though and rightly refused to take further Maths. She often commented on her friends doing Art- really admired them but was so glad she didn't have all that coursework as well.

Others are right though, do what she enjoys and drop one after AS level.

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