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Where to get boys school shoes size 10/11 and wide, please help -

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allthatglisters Thu 27-Aug-09 09:08:04

DS is nearly 13, and has large and wide feet - especially at the toes. He has a real problem with an in-growing toe nail and is currently on antibiotics for a consequent nail infection. I need to find softish and wide shoes suitable for school in size 10 to 11. His last ones were Bootleg ones from John Lewis - they just about did but weren't great. But I guess we're on to adult size now.

It doesn't help that he also has Asperger's so hates going to the shops! Even if you have no suggestions I would welcome your support if you have a similar situation as it feels like we're the only ones to have this problem - he may have to go to school in crocs!

LadyMuck Thu 27-Aug-09 09:12:49

Do you have a local independent shoe shop?

allthatglisters Thu 27-Aug-09 09:33:20

Yes (well 10 miles away as we live in a small town with no decent shoe shops), but stopped using them as the shoes they fitted him with were so hard and heavy -that's when the nail problem started.

Although he's tall, he's slim and gangly - men's heavy shoes aren't great for him. School don't allow trainers, but he might be able to get away with trainer-style black shoes which might be softer. Normal trainers though, he can't usually even get his foot into as it is so wide and 'high' at the top (what's the top bit of a foot called?!). Ones that open up fairly fully at the top are better.

Would try mail order - wondered if there is a particular brand out there that someone in a similar situation has tried?

risingstar Fri 28-Aug-09 21:56:27

may i suggest marks and spencer on-line? menswear, i think they are called airflex, they come in a wide fitting. anything with a round toe and softish. i have a dn with similar problems- this was our solution- when he was younger, ordered the two nearest sizes and then posted back/took back to store those that didn't fit.

allthatglisters Sat 29-Aug-09 17:54:31

Thank you , will look at that - didn't realise they were on-line.

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