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Secondary - quick survey please - teachers and parents

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roisin Sun 23-Aug-09 10:30:11

How many lessons of languages (MFL) do your children have at secondary?
School I worked at:
yr7-9 - 3 x 1hr per wk
yr10-11 - 3 x 1hr per wk (as an optional option)

School ds1 attends
yr7 - 3 x 50 min per wk
Thereafter I don't know yet!

Thank you!

magentadreamer Sun 23-Aug-09 11:03:29

DD's school has just reorganised KS3 into 2yrs plus have gone from a 30 50 mins lessons a week timetable to 25 1hr lessons timetable.

Prior to the changes DD had 2x50 min lessons a week for yr7-yr9 now it's 2 1hr lessons for the two years of KS3. Taking a MFL as an option would mean doing the course in a year.shock The MFL dept offers other languages after school and have a very good pass rate for the few who go down the exam route that way. I'm just hoping the teachers who appear very dedicated don't get fed up and leave due to the marginalisation of the dept.

katiestar Tue 01-Sep-09 21:02:03

Each period is 40 mins
Y7 & 8 - 5 periods French
Y9 3 periods French + 2periods Spanish for half yr then 2 periods German for 2nd half of yr

So that is 200 mins per week

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