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How Long On A Waiting List?

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loveandlight Wed 19-Aug-09 23:48:45

Is it possible to be on a waiting list for a secondary school place indefinitely with no sign of ever being able to get a place?

Reason for asking is my DS has been on a list since year 7 and before the school holidays we had gone up to number 3 and I heard today that as the list has now gone into year 8 we have gone back down the list again as others have come on with a higher priority ( sibling links and also living in nearby villages). Am I right in thinking then that my DS may never get offered a place at all, as the only priority we have is living close to the school within the catchment area.

Quattrocento Thu 20-Aug-09 00:17:38

I do believe it is possible never to be offered a place. I checked this point ages ago when it was possible that DD might attend a state grammar. Really sorry for you.

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