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new Year 7s

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bruffin Wed 05-Aug-09 23:29:13

Anyone else have homework for their new school?

DD has a science project to do and also a long book list for which she has to chose 2 to read and write about.

Pyrocanthus Wed 16-Sep-09 20:17:52

DD seems to have to write a history of the Middle Ages this week. hmm

TheLadyEvenstar Thu 17-Sep-09 08:16:38

Hi all, I have only just found this thread.

DS1 started school on the 7th, he is one of 2 from his primary school. He was the only one until the other mum decided that she wanted her son with ds1 as they could look after eachother hmm.

He is getting on really well except 3 incidents in the first 4 days (she says with a raised eyebrow) first was typical of older students sending him the wrong way for a lesson so he was late, second on his second day someone stole his p.e shorts grrrr, and thirdly on his 4th day he got punched repeatedly by a grp of yr 8 students for standing on a coin they were playing with. He didn't know he had stood on it as he was walking across the playground. I have to say the school have acted on all 3 things so that is good.

My major achievement was to let him go to school alone. And today he has taken himself from home to school, normally I walk him to the bus stop and make sure he gets on the bus.

He has been put in the top set for maths, english and science and already has a merit for french. (sorry not bragging there but just re read it and it looks that way).

Just waiting for a call now to tell me he has got to school ok.....

WhiteElefant Thu 17-Sep-09 10:22:28

So pleased to have found this thread, its good to know we are not the only ones to have had fun with sticky backed plasticsmile
Fortunatly I was at work on Tuesday when DD came home and said that she needed to cover her books, some needing to be done by the next day, she had known about this since previous week but hadnt thought to mention ithmm So DH had to go off to buy some sticky backed plastic and then landed up covering her books for her.
DD is just far too laid back and easily distracted, I think I am going to have to stand over her to make sure she gets her homework done.

TheLadyEvenstar Thu 17-Sep-09 10:38:18

Oh yes we had to cover books as well. what joy lol.

Steamroller Thu 17-Sep-09 10:52:15

This is great to be able to compare things on here! Thanks tethersend for information on CATS - why can't the school tell us this angry instead of chancing to find it on MN?! Dd still hasnt had any homework to speak of (just book-covering and the like)and we're getting to the end of Week 3. I've forced her to do something each night though, Spanish vocab or something, and once she starts she gets really into it. She's basically very keen & dying to get stuck in , so I feel it's a shame the school aren't making the most of that (esp as it won't last!).
Snogging teenagers: grin.None of that's been reported by Dd yet. She did see 6th formers smoking in playground, though - I was old-fogey shocked - am I an out of touch old fogey?Is that normal at school?? I guess it's legal if they're over 16, and they're outdoors...

bruffin Thu 17-Sep-09 12:10:26

DD doesn't seem to have had too much homework and only one book covering.

She has thrown herself into school clubs. Been swim club twice this week, round the world club, guitar club, musical theatre and science tomorrow.Unfortunately looks like she has lost her swimming stuff(:

Am a little concerned a bit as she is finding the maths a bit easy and also english. She commented on something being a metaphor and her teacher said "we don't cover that yet" which surprises me as the school as some of the best english results in the country for a comprehensive.

It's early days yet, but i will keep an eye on it.

cuppateaplease Thu 01-Oct-09 10:00:25

How is everyone getting on - have they all settled in yet?

DS has found an afterschool club he likes - computers naturally -he has avoided all attempts to get him into a sporty one!
He's still overawed I think by the sheer scale of everything and still hasn't learnt the names of everyone in his class!
Unfortunately he still hasn't found a 'friend' to be with during break either. sad He's never been good at social skills and isn't sporty - all the boys he does know go off to play football at break. I've spoken to the school and they are aware of it and are looking at ways of helping him. So quite pleased the school are being proactive - more help than we ever got at the primary!

He has started cooking - so far only done cous-cous and managed to cut his thumb chopping the onion! However no cous-cous brought home - apparantly he gave it to the sixth form to eat! This week it's flap jacks so I'm asking for them to come home grin

fircone Thu 01-Oct-09 14:45:53


BEWARE: I nearly broke a tooth on ds's flapjacks he made last week. I had to be complimentary but I could have retiled the roof with them.

Ds getting along fine until this week. He had a couple of days off sick with an atrocious cold. Then when he went back he forgot his PE kit and got a detention. He was very upset. He could have avoided it by borrowing a games kit, but they don't have spare trainers in his size (2.5 or at a push with some tissue paper, 3) so he has to miss his lunch break today. He was ranting about discrimination against small-footed people when he got home.

bruffin Thu 01-Oct-09 16:31:25

LOL Fircone

DD had the cold this week, she was off monday but was desperate to go to school on tuesday as she missed her friends.

It can take a while for friendships to settle down in Yr 7 Cupateaplease, so don't worry too much yet.

DD isn't doing cooking yet, she is doing woodwork and making a box.

I am feeling a little guilty, I complained about the maths teacher because the class was absolute chaos and no work was being done, so they sent a "strict" teacher in to keep an eye on it. She noticed DD had a bracelet on and it was confiscated (She wore it guides the night before and forgot to take it off) I have to go up there and collect it which at the moment is not possible as I work and it's a train journey away.

cuppateaplease Fri 02-Oct-09 14:37:17

well....the flapjacks were more like a cookie but were actually really nice! mmmm might have to make some more at home now - he only made three!
Looks like they are making cheese scones next week. (I'm guessing as they just get the list of ingredients needed and not told what they are actually making) DS list includes cheese but not how much!
Ds had the cold too - but not too badly, so got sent in to school. Obviously alot of it about - hope everyone over it now
Fircone - sounds abit harsh having detention just because he's got small feet
Bruffin - will they not send the bracelet home with DD as you cannot get there easily?

bruffin Fri 02-Oct-09 22:57:25

I haven't rang the school about the bracelet yetblush I am hoping as it was a first offence they will let her pick it up. It was only a cheap one, but her friend bought it back from holiday for her, so sentimental value.

I am so glad the school doesn't make us buy the ingredients for cookery. We have to pay something like £12 and they supply everything except a box to bring it home in. I was dreading the dcs presenting me with a list on the morning they needed it!

Steamroller Thu 08-Oct-09 15:12:01

Are these things normal at large state high school: kids smoking in toilets, kids smoking in playground, kids using mobiles in toilets, kids swearing loudly at each other (admittedly good-naturedly) in corridors?
Is this all normal and I'm just an out-of-touch old granny?!

bruffin Thu 08-Oct-09 15:56:47

I have never heard of things like that happening in DC's school, Steamroller, but I'm sure it does in others.

My friend is a TA in another school and she says change over time is absolutely madness and she is pinned to the wall. When she has been into our school it is fairly orderly (as it can be for over a 1000 children moving around a school.

marymoocow Mon 17-Mar-14 20:28:07

Just 'found' this thread again. Can't believe our new year 7's are about to take their G.C.S.E's.....hope they all finally settled inwinkgrin

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