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is it the "done thing" to get pressies for sec school teachers?

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discoball Wed 08-Jul-09 08:07:22

Hi, as my DS is coming up to the end of Y7, is it the done thing to get pressies for teachers at secondary school? My DS particularly likes his tutor but has also had a wonderful French teacher and Geography teacher who he' like to get pressie for - but he says he doesn't want to be the only one!! What do others do? Also, have been so impressed with the school and what has happened during 1st year, would like to write in a letter to the head - has anyone else ever done this?! Many thanks!

ruddynorah Wed 08-Jul-09 08:10:40

i never did, don't remember anyone else doing so, mainly cos there's so many of them.

herbietea Wed 08-Jul-09 08:17:36

Message withdrawn

crumbletastic Wed 08-Jul-09 08:28:13

Dp is a secondary school teacher. Don't think its common for them to be gven presents. He has had the odd box of chocs but it's definitely not the norm

discoball Wed 08-Jul-09 08:41:30

Okay, thanks.. getting a clear message!!! But will still get one for the French teacher, who's actually leaving for good!!

Simples Wed 08-Jul-09 08:48:55

If oyu want to take them into the office so he doesnt have to take them in.
I used to get some.

andlipsticktoo Wed 08-Jul-09 08:59:07

two of my good friends are sec school teachers and they always have loads of presents at the end of the year - usually chocolates! They are tutors and English teachers so generally see a lot of their students iyswim.

My ds is in y7 too and I was just going to get something for his form tutor who is also his french teacher and is absolutely lovely!

Hulababy Wed 08-Jul-09 09:17:42

At the first school I taught at I did get end of term presents from my form and it was lovely and very much a suprise. I did not expect it at all. The year I got married int he holidays I got lots of gifts from many of my classes.

At the second school I worked at it was not the done thing at all. I did get the odd bottle of wine or chocolates which was lovely.

And the old cliche - getting the thank you letters and cards (which can be given over very discreetly without mates seeing) was always the most appreciated thing to recieve.

discoball Wed 08-Jul-09 12:33:24

Thanks, everyone, some good comments/suggestions here. Will definitely make sure anything that's given is done via the school office! Thanks for that, Simples! Glad your DS has a nice Frenchy teacher too, lipstick! And will definitely get thank you card for tutor - thanks Hulababy! smile

zeke Thu 09-Jul-09 17:08:12

Only really get pressies from sixth formers and the odd yr 11. Definately not normal! A thank you card, posted to save embarrassment, would go down well though!

bloss Thu 09-Jul-09 17:33:55

Message withdrawn

sandgrounder Thu 09-Jul-09 19:02:18

The ideal present would be a nice chilled bottle of sauvignon blanc, especially for year 7 form tutors!

roisin Sat 11-Jul-09 19:14:31

At Christmas I sent a card with a message addressed to the HT and a couple of big tins of chocolates for the staff. (We got a personal thank you letter, so I don't think this is 'the norm'.)

Last week was parents eve and dh (I was away)went and personally thanked the teachers individually for their efforts this year.

serin Sat 11-Jul-09 21:56:20

No, Please don't start a trend!!

Nicest thing any pupil has ever done for DH was when a group of them cleaned his car as a surprise.

faeriefruitcake Sat 11-Jul-09 23:24:27

I would love to get something at the end of the year but sadly no pressy's for the secondary teachers sad

scienceteacher Sun 12-Jul-09 13:39:35

We get lots of presents from pupils, but they are usually given from the heart rather than a sense of obligation. I would say that most presents come from sixth formers, or Year 11 leavers.

It is fine to give presents to selected subject teachers. If you want to, then just do it! If you are afraid of embarrassing your DC, or of showing some kind of favouritism to the teacher, then just drop it off at reception.

discoball Sun 12-Jul-09 18:43:56

Thanks, Scienceteacher, it will definitely be "from the heart" from my DS - this is what HE wants to do. One of his subject teachers is leaving for good and has always had a good rapport with her, one is just a very much liked teacher (whom ALL, it seems, pupils like)! and the other is for his form tutor who is obviously very highly thought of. I think it's just because it's his first year, probably won't do it again now til he leaves and has already said he'll leave them at reception. I think it's nice that he wants to do it and don't want to discourage him. Thanks for all your advice. smile

piscesmoon Sun 12-Jul-09 19:11:08

Mine flatly refused, so it wasn't an option.

flatcapandpearls Fri 17-Jul-09 00:14:38

I tend to get a few presents every year, certinlay never expect it and they are rarely big items. Although since moving down south I have had the odd Jo malone candle or fragrance.

messalina Mon 17-Aug-09 20:14:45

I'd say a nice card would be much appreciated and much cheaper for you. Teachers in some schools (don't know about yours) get lots of presents and end up running out of space in their house! A card written by your DS would be lovely.

potatofactory Mon 17-Aug-09 20:25:14

I think it's bit weird - though if you mean for the tutor, a card or something tiny would be appreciated ( I fondly remember the parents who sent Gordon Ramsey's chocs every July, and another girl used to pull a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc out of her rucksack each year...


hocuspontas Mon 17-Aug-09 20:32:15

I gave some wine and a thank-you card once to a PE teacher who 'got' dd2 (gauche, hates attention, talented but lazy) and went over and above the usual. I was gutted when she left and she gave dd2 and a couple of other a homemade bracelet to remember her by. I sobbed I can tell you. There's never been another like her.

The other thing I do is email specific teachers to thank them for their kindness or encouragement or extra help, although not necessarily at the end of the year, more just after it happens.

potatofactory Mon 17-Aug-09 20:46:42

I love those emails. They properly brighten my year smile

discoball Tue 18-Aug-09 11:35:31

My DS actually ended up giving cards to his tutor and his other 2 teachers and one said it had "made her day" - he felt really good doing this - it is hardly weird. smile

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