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SORRY! secondary school trips again..... packing it all in!!!

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discoball Sun 28-Jun-09 16:01:12

Hi, sorry to ask yet another question on secondary school trips, can you tell it's all new to me?! Having received some very helpful replies to my last post, can you help with this? The school has stated that we must use a SMALL suitcase or holdall for all personal items, but on the list are such things as all the normal clothes plus at least one jumper, wellies, water bottles, books, etc....... how do you fit it all in? I'm just a bit worried about fitting it all in and what their definition of small is!! As always, any replies/packing tips very helpful. (My DS will pack it all but I will be on hand to help if need be!) Thank you.

ruddynorah Sun 28-Jun-09 16:05:17

i would say small means the size acceptable for hand luggage on a plane, so a rucksack or holdall or small wheely case.

how long is the trip? what is the trip? how old is ds?

discoball Sun 28-Jun-09 16:09:43

thanks, ruddynorah, is for 5 days, outdoor adventure trip up north, my DS is 12, thanks for reply. smile

webwiz Sun 28-Jun-09 16:28:41

A big holdall might give more packing space than a rigid suitcase but it means that your DS has to be able to carry it. We normally just lay everything out on the bed and make sure its all absolutely necessary before packing (this usually involves a huge row about hair straighteners that you won't need to have!). If its travelling by coach then obviously the size/weight isn't as important as when flying - the school just want to avoid a huge number of giant suitcases that won't fit in the luggage compartment of the coach.

DD2 is about to go on a 3 day outdoor adventure trip as part of her sixth form induction week and packing for that will be a huge challenge with me in the background saying "it is only for three days" over and over again smile

ruddynorah Sun 28-Jun-09 16:31:21

ok so i'd send him with small wheely case that will go in the coach (?) hold. then a small (very small) backpack he can have on him for the journey and also for when their on their expeditions or whatever.

dh and i went away for a whole week sharing a small wheely case so i'm sure he'll manage!

discoball Sun 28-Jun-09 16:32:47

Hi, Webwiz, had to laugh at your post, am sat here typing with a big grin on my face!! Yes, luckily hair straighteners won't come up, but I think my son worries that he may forget something and be told off for it - he is a worrier and I try my hardest to reassure him all the time. I am edging towards large holdall, think he'll be fine carrying it, it says they have to have them in the tent with them so I suppose a non-rigid holdall might be better! I am sat here wondering these things but I bet there are parents that just pack it in the first thing they come to and don't give a damn about adhering to the school's requests, but I'm afraid I can't be like that! Thank you so much for your reply - I particularly liked your last paragraph!!!!! grin

discoball Sun 28-Jun-09 16:35:21

Thanks for reply, ruddynorah - think I'm gonna use holdall, but will take up your suggestion to use a small backpack for the journey - hopefully it won't be frowned upon if I put in a snack for him!? That's a whole separate post (see my other post about sec school trips!!!). Well done to you two for going away for a whole week and sharing a small wheely case - not sure I could do that!! Thank you once again. smile

ruddynorah Sun 28-Jun-09 18:01:46

oh yes not a case if they're camping!! he'll need a rucksack or holdall smile

webwiz Sun 28-Jun-09 20:29:20

Hi Discoball, my DS(year 7) is a bit of a worrier too but at least that means he will stick to the school list of things to take and won't try to sneak "banned items" into his suitcase (the worst being a very very short denim mini skirt -I think it was an age 8 one and DD1 was 14 at the time shock. The trip in question was actually a religious retreat so it couldn't have been more inappropriate blush).

discoball Sun 28-Jun-09 22:05:40

Hi, Webwiz, yet again your post made me laugh! I am hoping that my DS gets more laid back about things as he goes through secondary school. Luckily most of the teachers know he is a bit of a worrier and do their best to reassure him. He has never had a detention and I know he would be morified if he ever did, so I made sure he knows that I had a few at school (I really did!), but they were for minor things and the fact that we make mistakes is what makes us human! One thing he is getting used to is all the assessments, I think he's getting desensitized, he's had so many! Goodnight and thanks for your reply. smile

scienceteacher Sat 04-Jul-09 05:15:15

The idea behind a small suitcase is that the child has to be able to carry it. The teachers and centre staff won't do this.

It should be the right size for the kit that has been specified. I don't think they mean ultra-small. Wellies, sleeping bag, pillows can usually be carried in a separate plastic bag.

If they have been asked to take a day-pack, then this should be small but big enough to carry a spare change of clothes, waterproofs, water bottle, sunscreen etc.

Just follow the kit list - the organisers know better than us!

discoball Sat 04-Jul-09 12:26:27

OK, thanks for advice, Scienceteacher smile

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