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beepbeep123 Wed 10-Jun-09 22:31:48

my dd is in year 7 and is having problems with 3 boys in her class. They're disruptive in class and give a lot of the children a hard time. They followed her home on Friday and threw things at her, they call her names and today got hold of her bag and took things out and threw them round. they also took money out of her purse, she told the teacher and he confronted them but they denied it. the teacher said he would give her some money tomorrow. (we thought they should have been sent to the head). Anyway she does not want us to complain but we are livid and upset that she has to put upwith this .
what shall we do?

MaureenMLove Wed 10-Jun-09 22:45:01

Which teacher did she tell?

IME, working at a secondary school, she (or you) should be making an appointment to see the Head of Year or maybe the pastorial care in charge of Yr7. Students like this must have some form so to speak and I'd be very suprised if they aren't already flagged up as problem students.

This is something that cannot be allowed to continue. If they are following her home and bothering her out of school, then their is a real problem, that needs dealing with.

Sorry you and DD are going though this.

beepbeep123 Wed 10-Jun-09 22:51:15

Thanks for your message, I had already rang the school today about the problem out of school and she was going to have aword with my dd . I just dont want to cause more problems for her but at th esame time they should be pulled up for this.

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