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AbouT bullying maybe?

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Gorionine Wed 10-Jun-09 17:09:59

I am not quite sure where to post this. and if it will be of any use really but I will try just in case.

Twice now , on my way to schoolto pick up my DCs, I see this boy coming out of one of the local high school bus crying and upset, looking quite distressed. The first time I stopped him to ask if he was OK and needed any help, he just ran away crying. Today he just had a look at me, I saw him muttering something and he ran again.

I feel bad for him and would like to help but I really do not know how. I feel that if I follow him home to speak to his parents they will think I am a loon. If I call the school and say I think one of their pupils might be bullied but do not know who he actually is it won't help much . I am not sure the bus driver can do anything either. Should I just forget about it.sad

AMumInScotland Wed 10-Jun-09 20:08:24

I think you could try talking to the bus driver, and ask if he's noticed this - then maybe suggest he should speak to someone at the school and discreetly point out this child. It may not be bullying - he may be miserable about something at home for instance - but if someone at least knows about it, they can get the form teacher or whoever to have a quiet word.

Gorionine Thu 11-Jun-09 07:27:48

Thanks, I will try that. the reason I thought it might be bullying was because it was when he got out of the bus after school, but yes, he might as well be dreading going back home.

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