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Year 10 work experience CV

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Snorter Wed 20-May-09 11:00:44

My 15 year old son has been asked for his CV.

What sort of things should be put on it, apart from his name, DOB, school name and his interests. He doesn't want to embarrass himself by putting superfluous stuff on it.

Lilymaid Wed 20-May-09 11:10:28

What he is studying for GCSE
Something about his future ambitions - which will tie in nicely with whatever firm he is doing his work experience with - e.g. I am interested in pursuing a business career in finance or I am interested in working in retail management etc.

LaineyW Wed 20-May-09 12:13:48

We used the following checklist for my DD's CV:

Mobile no.
email address

Previous experience (any holiday work, including voluntary work)
Educational achievements (any early GCSEs, also include any school awards/clubs etc.)
Interests (including any music grades etc.)
Other achievements (DofE, school leadership positions, babysitting, volunteering etc.)

We also put in an 'opening statement' which said "I am a sociable and confident 16 year old with a strong work ethic. I am eager to further my experience by finding some form of employment during the summer holidays." which you'd obviously re-word for your son's CV.

Good luck!

Snorter Wed 20-May-09 12:49:19

Thank you both so much for your advice and speedy replies.

scienceteacher Wed 20-May-09 18:56:41

Lainey gives a good description.

Also - keep it to one page of A4, and think about changing the email address if it might be embarrassing.

It is amazing how many kids think that there is nothing wrong with something like

catok Wed 03-Jun-09 22:19:39

Try the connexions website. The cv on there is the one they are offered to keep in their folders for mock interviews etc.

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