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cat target levels explained for year 8

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GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:19:27

I am unsure of what the levels mean, my child has 4 to 6a, can someone help to point me in te right direction of panic or ease

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:20:27

Whoops new to this my child is in year 8

MaureenMLove Tue 19-May-09 16:22:56

Do you mean she has a level of between 4 and 6a for all the subjects she was tested in?

OrmIrian Tue 19-May-09 16:23:30

Base level for the end of yr 9 is 5. ie that is the minimum they should have. According to DS#1's school. I would hazard a guess that 6 is iabout on target for yr 8?

Someone who knows will be along soon.

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:23:33

yes i think

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:24:21

thanks, ny child is struggling I think

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:24:47

looking at my spelling he is not the only one

OrmIrian Tue 19-May-09 16:25:35

Does she seem OK about school? Can you speak to her tutor? 6 doesn't seem struggling to me.

MaureenMLove Tue 19-May-09 16:25:51

Level 6a is the target for the end of year 9, so if she's got 6's in some subjects she's doing just fine!smile

I would imagine the 4's are for subjects like languages and possibly drama or humanities, since they are still relatively new subjects for her. Still nothing to worry about though.

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:26:25

what does it mean to gcse and olevel comparison

OrmIrian Tue 19-May-09 16:26:38

Good point maureen! DS's only low scores were for German which he has only just started.

MaureenMLove Tue 19-May-09 16:26:51

Sorry, he is obviously a boy! blush

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:27:26


OrmIrian Tue 19-May-09 16:27:29

I think that level 5 is a pass at GCSE.

God listen to me! I know nothing....

MaureenMLove Tue 19-May-09 16:27:47

A 6a is equivelant to a C grade in GCSE.

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:28:28

he was this morning maureen he he

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:29:48

writing this down

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:30:53

i am having a meeting with the school tomorrow

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:32:12

his handwriting is awful, to the point you cannot read it, he is having handing writing lessons 3 mornings a week but is not really improving

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:34:17

i have managed to get him some sort of help with his maths as he is no good on bassics but ok on others, but I feel he is lost in the system, my child has adhd

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:35:22

but I feel he is should be given more withregards to his english any ideas?

MaureenMLove Tue 19-May-09 16:35:45

You mentioned that you thought he was struggling. Is he at a grammar school? DD has grades that are 5a's and 6a's for core subjects. She is also in Yr8. However, her friends at grammar are already hitting 7's. DD isn't struggling at all, but if she was at a grammar school, she would. Does that make sense?

What I mean is, she'd be in lower sets and problably struggle if she was at grammar.

MaureenMLove Tue 19-May-09 16:37:13

Do you mean with the quality and content of his writing tasks?

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:41:13

secondary schoolquality and content, he can talk the talk but has no idea where to begin to write

GREENTREE Tue 19-May-09 16:42:48

his grades are 6c year 7 and 8 for english

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