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Good Luck to everyone whose exams start this week!

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Milliways Mon 04-May-09 19:50:59

DD has her first French A Level Oral exam tomorrow.

I know a few exams are kicking in now.

Good luck to all the students, (and their Mums in supporting them)

senua Mon 04-May-09 21:46:06

Thanks Milli. DS has Y9 exams this week; DD doesn't have her A2s until next month.

Bonne chance to Milligirl.

mumblechum Tue 05-May-09 11:42:42

Good luck to everyone. DS has KS3 Sats, end of years and an early GCSE all over 7 days.
He has revised for the SATS but not yet the GCSE - should hopefully do that this weekend. It's only RE and looks pretty easy.

senua Tue 05-May-09 11:48:34

Eh? There aren't any KS3 SATs this year.

Lilymaid Tue 05-May-09 11:53:23

DS2's A2 exams start on 1st June - there are old exam papers and notes all over the house and a list of theorems stuck over a picture in the breakfast room. Roll on 17th June, when he has the last exam.
Good luck to all DCs and their parents.

mumblechum Tue 05-May-09 11:55:13

DS's school are still doing SATS but they're being marked internally for setting purposes.

senua Tue 05-May-09 12:03:33

OK. I don't think we are doing SATs, there is plenty enough other evidence for setting (termly grades, end of year exams etc) and there aren't many sets anyway because we are a small school.

badhairmonth Tue 05-May-09 13:34:15

DS doing GCSEs - v stressful for everyone.

Good luck to everyone suffering.... grin

twentyoneagain Wed 06-May-09 08:11:30

Oh boy - DD had french orals this week and they went well (so she says) but she is getting totally stressed about what's ahead. Exams don't usually worry her and she had been preparing well but I can see it's getting to her.

badhairmonth Wed 06-May-09 09:53:05

yeah - its tough - getting to all of them - AND us .. sad

Pimmpom Wed 06-May-09 11:05:54

DD has French oral on Friday. Roll on 11 June wink

mumoverseas Wed 06-May-09 13:29:08

DS had arabic oral just over a week ago and that was very stressful. Not helped by the fact that it was due to be a few days before but when the kids turned up for the exam the school discovered that the tape recorders were all broken so they had to postpone. Thank god that one is over.
ICT exams were a few weeks ago and the rest start in the next week or so. Funny how they all have them at different times.

Good luck to all MN's DCs.

Milliways Wed 06-May-09 17:36:19

Does seem to be just the orals this week then.

DD has German next week too, then all her written papers squashed into 1 week in June!

At least they will have a long summer to enjoy / earn funds / annoy parents etc

mumoverseas Wed 06-May-09 18:43:29

The annoying parents bit has started already!
Can't believe my DS had his last day at school today and is now on study leave. Makes me feel really old sad

twinsetandpearls Wed 06-May-09 20:04:06

Good luck my GCSE group have there first exam on Tuesday - RE GCSE with OCR. I feel like I am spending every spare moment doing revision classes at the moment.

Mumblechum the RE exam does look easy but there is a fair weight of subject knowledge if they are aiming for one of the top grades.

mumblechum Thu 07-May-09 15:22:37

Twinset, Oh-oh! Any tips on which bits to revise particularly? It's only the first bit which I think is called Unit B

twinsetandpearls Thu 07-May-09 18:34:06

It sounds like OCR option B which is the philosophy and ethics paper.

this school portal has material for every unit on the course. If you go to the folder miscellaneous the following are useful
Unit front covers
How to answer exam questions

If I can do anything else to help I am happy to.

mumblechum Thu 07-May-09 18:36:44

Thanks you so much Twinset!

twinsetandpearls Fri 08-May-09 22:26:53

I found this website today, you need to go to the shortcourse area

Milliways Sat 06-Jun-09 14:39:13

How are you all doing?

DD will have finished all her exams this coming Thursday (after the dreaded C4 Maths exam).

She is finding them all very hard/stressful. We will be VERY glad when this is all over.

mumoverseas Sat 06-Jun-09 18:23:32

only 2 more exams to go, one on Monday and then the final one on Friday thank god, can't cope with the stress much longer

Pimmpom Sat 06-Jun-09 20:23:00

Only 2 left smile Science on Wed and History on Thursday.

DD is very laid back. Me on the other hand....... grin

snorkle Sat 06-Jun-09 23:39:32

Ds is yr10. He had his first ever public exam exam this week (ironically an AS module) and has 3 GCSE science modules over the next two which he's not too worried about. I guess this is the first of 4 years of summer exams with each year getting worse than the last from the sound of it. It's a shame the exam season means they don't properly enjoy the lovely weather.

Hope they've all done well and got the grades they need (especially the year 13s).

Milliways Sun 07-Jun-09 07:41:31

Good luck to them all and us Mums!

marmitebabe Sun 07-Jun-09 16:16:28

Thanks! Fortunately we only have 2 left Tues and Weds - trouble is DS feels like its already over and has stopped revising - fab - real stroppy when "encouraged" to do a bit - well actually - real stroppy all the time but that's another story!

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