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Year 7 Summer Term !

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MargaretMountford Fri 10-Apr-09 10:37:30

Here is a brand new thread for the new term !

roisin Fri 10-Apr-09 13:07:01

Hey! Hooray - roll on summer. smile

MargaretMountford Fri 10-Apr-09 13:12:03

grin - we'll have done a whole school year by the end of that ! (yr 8 thread to follow)

roisin Fri 10-Apr-09 13:35:33

I know! shock shock
ds1's school is only 11-16, so it will soon be over.

He has a 'project' homework to do for Citizenship. They have to do a presentation on Human Rights. But instead of his usual groupings with his mates he's been put with two girls, who he doesn't know very well and doesn't get on with. He says they spent the planning lesson choosing Disney Princess backgrounds - different ones for each slide. And that they didn't allocate what each of them needed to do over the hols!

He's quite stressed about it, as he always puts maximum effort into homeworks. But after doing stacks of the work for a couple of other projects with his mates, he's (rightly) reluctant to do the lion's share of the work again for the benefit of two girls he doesn't even like!

I've told him to go in on Monday morning with a proposal for them, to say he will do section 2 and 3 (or whatever) and for them to split the rest between themselves. (Citizenship is on Wednesday.)

MargaretMountford Fri 10-Apr-09 14:03:20

yes, ds's school is the same ! hope your ds doesn't get too overworked roisin - lazy girls !

bellavitalikesthesimnellife Fri 10-Apr-09 15:04:06

<<peeks in>> grin

DS has got quite a bit of homework to do -

IT - has to build a website
Tech - embroidery stitches, has been given some threads and bits of material

I have told him it all needs to be done by today - at the moment he is strumming away on his guitar shock

Roison - don't let him do too much otherwise all the other kids will want to be in his "gang" if they think they can get away with doing less.

LadyGlencoraPalliser Fri 10-Apr-09 20:58:33

DD has NO homework at all over Easter. She's had hardly any for the last couple of weeks of term. DD2 and 3 get more than her.
But she is voluntarily doing an hour's violin practice a day.

magentadreamer Sat 11-Apr-09 10:16:40

I can't believe that there is only one more term and yr7 is all over!

DD didn't have much homework either so what bits she had she did while resting her knee. Swelling has gone down but if she walks too long on it it twinges but hopefully it's on the road to a full recovery.

roisin Sat 11-Apr-09 13:12:25

I know magentadreamer. And the next half term is a really short one - just 5 weeks!

Polgara2 Sat 11-Apr-09 13:34:36

DD1 only has a couple of pieces of homework fortunately - one of which is to build a weather mobile and it is a competition. She has had all last week to start it and decides to start it today when her dad has gone out and is the only one who can tell her which bits of wood out of his stash she can use. Typical! After a strop about this she has calmed down, apologised and helped me peg the washing out so all is well again grin.

I can't believe that yr7 is getting near the end either. Where on earth did it go?

SugarSkyHigh Sat 11-Apr-09 13:43:02

my DD1 also in yr 7. She has only had some English homework, an argument for and against home schooling!

magentadreamer Sat 11-Apr-09 13:56:05

Personally I'm rather glad DD hasn't been overwhelmed with homework for Easter. She's worked really hard all term and a bit of chill out time is well deserved.

Is it only 6 weeks to half term in May? Yay! DD and I are off to London for a few days then we've been plotting all the stuff we want to do Science Musuem, Imperial war musuem, V&A, Ghost walk, Shopping, the Zoo and just maybe I'd love to take her to Hampton Court as I loved going there as a child. Plus I found a site that appears to do some great guided tours not just of the sites but on a whole range of stuff. I love wandering round London but often wish I was wandering round with someone who knew the histroy of the place IYSWM we plan to go on one of their ghost walks and if thats any good will do a couple of others that have taken our fancy.

bellavitalikesthesimnellife Sat 11-Apr-09 14:18:07

Oh magenta we should have been going to London for a long weekend when they break up in May but when we come to book the train tickets we decided against it. I am sure last year they cost us under £100, well this year they are asking for £200 + shock, like you we too had loads of things planned. However, we are now going to County Durham (about an hour and 30 mins drive away) and will visit various places (the hotel also has a pool and spa facilities).

I wish DS did not have any homework as he is coping with an ear infection at the moment sad

magentadreamer Sat 11-Apr-09 14:41:13

DD and I are going Wed-Sat of the half term week due to train prices. I left it too late to pick up a cheap ticket for the bh weekend would have been nearly £100 aposed to the £33 I've got it down to. I'm lucky in the fact I can get to either Leeds or Manchester very easily so when planning a trip to London I wait for the cheap tickets from both. I've never ventured up north to County Durham but DD went on a school trip to Beamish once which is kinda that way isn't it *runs off cos her geog is crap*

Hope your DS feels better soon as there is nothing worse IMHO then an ear infection

LadyGlencoraPalliser Sat 11-Apr-09 14:52:20

Do go to Hampton Court Magenta. We went last summer and really enjoyed it. I think we would have enjoyed it even more if there hadn't been torrential rain that day too! If you are planning to do the Tower of London too I think you can get tickets that include both and a boat trip as well.
The other thing we would have done if we had realised in time, was a backstage tour of the National Theatre. We went to see War Horse there and tried to book a backstage tour, but it was too short notice. We did the Globe instead which was also good, but the children were keen to see the National.

bellavitalikesthesimnellife Sat 11-Apr-09 15:18:10

Rofl at magenta's crap geog grin. You are spot on though - we will probably visit Beamish!

magentadreamer Sat 11-Apr-09 16:17:24

Ta for that LGP, I've had a look at the NT website and I think DD would love to do the tour. I'm going to have to stop looking at things to do in London or else DD and I will be banging on Museum doors at midnight demanding to be let in lol

MargaretMountford Sat 18-Apr-09 17:55:26

hello back from a few days visiting ILs - v nice but ds hasn't done a scrap of homework yet...grrrr
hope everyone has had a good Easter and let's hope for a good new term grin

magentadreamer Sun 19-Apr-09 21:09:18

DD has been to Oxford this weekend visting relatives, in true Mumsnet fashion I sent her off with the mission to look round all the colleges and find one she likes gringrin

All homework done, uniform clean and only 5 weeks till half term!

bellavita Sun 19-Apr-09 21:38:49

Hello smile

All homework done apart from finishing his website for IT and he needs DS's help for this.

Boys not back to school until Tuesday here.

DS1 has really caught the sun today - bad mum moment! I had to rub some aloe gel in across his kneck, arms and face. He has been at the bmx jumps at the other end of the village with some friends doing weeding for most of the day.

DH told me to go and buy him some new pe kit rather than cobble together odds and ends in the hope that his would return - 24 pounds later... sorry I cannot seem to do a pound sign. DH has bought me a netbook and seems to have set the pound sign up as a # - him being in IT.... blush

It has been really nice not having to think about getting change for DS's dinner money.

bellavita Sun 19-Apr-09 21:39:49

Nope, he needs DH's help with the website!!

MargaretMountford Mon 20-Apr-09 15:31:20

hope everyone who is back has had a good first day !
ds has made a nice drawstring bag for the juggling balls he made last term -and I'm very excited because he is going to be working towards his Grade 1 singing exam..yay !

magentadreamer Mon 20-Apr-09 19:07:53

When will he do the grading MM?

DD is shattered! I think it was a bit of a shock to her system having to get up so early this morning.

She's got another Maths project and an ICT presentation and one for German to do I think she's going ot be a wee bit busy over the next couple of weeks.

Bellavitia did your DS manage to build his web site?

MargaretMountford Mon 20-Apr-09 19:23:07

magenta - they do keep your dd busy ! I was shattered having to get up so early too- I didn't sleep very well,knowing I had to be up and about at the crack of dawn !
Hope website design is going well bellavita
Ds won't do the grading until autumn term now

bellavita Mon 20-Apr-09 20:30:09

Your dd has loads going on magenta!

Well done MM's ds with the singing - how fab is that..

Website all done, thankfully!

It will be a shock to ds's system tomorrow having to get up, I plan to be up early though to start my cleaning -top to bottom.

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