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Good mixed schools in London?

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maggiethecat Mon 02-Feb-09 15:24:56

I'm thinking ahead to a few years time when dd will start secondary. I never went to secondary here so have nothing to compare my experience with. I went to very good girls' catholic school and was very affected by some of the 'nasty' competitiveness that was so common. Dd is very sensitive and I wonder if a girls' school would be a good environment for her despite fact that many of these schools do well academically.

Any good mixed schools in London? (we would consider moving if we had to)

londonartemis Mon 02-Feb-09 15:42:09

I recently looked at Kingston Grammar and Alleyn's in Dulwich which I thought were both great as co eds. The students seemed really good friends with each other and happy. Other people I know have looked at Emmanuel, Ibstock and the Harrodian, but I don't know what they thought.
My d is at a single sex school (primary school) and although I had reservations when she joined, for the most part, I have been pleased. There is some competitiveness at the school, but I think it is the mothers more than the daughters who instigate it.
I think the best thing is to visit as many secondary schools as you can find(!) when the Open Days start in Sept/October and see what feel you get for a place. Look also at the other parents and children, and think if your d would be happy with them as friends. Ask yourself if the teachers are concerned about the indivuidual welfare of the children, and how they draw out quieter members of the class etc. Take your d along too, even if she's not yet that age! See what she thinks!

maggiethecat Tue 03-Feb-09 00:02:00

I will have a look at these two - had not realised that Alleyn's was co-ed. It really is remarkable that so many schools which are desirable for their academics and extra curricular are same sex. I'm not sure if I am placing too much emphasis on the same sex element but you know when you get a nagging feeling about something......

ProfessorCalculus Tue 03-Feb-09 00:05:02

Are you looking for state or private? Kingston Grammar is private.

maggiethecat Tue 03-Feb-09 00:28:43

We're keeping options open and that's why it's important for us to be looking at this from early so that we can plan.

maggiethecat Sat 07-Feb-09 00:06:16

any more?

MittenKitty Sat 07-Feb-09 15:41:11

have a look at Latymer Upper in Hammersmith - good academics and excellent sport, drama and music. Co-ed for last 5 years , previously all boys

samsonara Sat 07-Feb-09 16:26:40

There is also The Latymer School in London

frogs Sat 07-Feb-09 16:35:14

Maggie, I think you need to be a bit more specific about what you're looking for if you want more specific suggestions.

There are v. good mixed comprehensives, v. good mixed super-selective academic grammar schools, v. good super-selective private schools, and good less academic private schools. Add into the mix schools that are big and boisterous, small and good for shyer kids, academically pushy, very sporty, arty, socially smart or more mixed etc etc.

You need to narrow your requirements down a bit, I think.

lazymumofteenagesons Sat 07-Feb-09 18:15:32

Also, what area of london are you in. Kids travelling across london every day is not advisable.

maggiethecat Sat 07-Feb-09 22:47:45

Thanks MK and Sam - will look at these.

Frogs - this is all part of the narrowing process. DD still has a few years to go. She's very able and musical, mixes well but is very sensitive.

Would like her to be in an academically challenging environment but this is not the be all and end all. Would like good range of facilities esp music, good nurturing and confidence building environment.

DH likes St Michaels in Finchley and it sounds good but is not mixed. Perhaps I should visit a few schools before making any judgment.

Recall visiting City of London girls a few years ago for a prospectus and was not impressed by the manner of the girls lounging around in the foyer. However reports suggest that they are a good school for a number of the boxes that I'd like to have ticked.

Selective state and independent schools will also be considered. Used to live in Finsbury Park and could go back there or move to another area of London if we need to.

That's why we're giving thought to this from now so that we can have some kind of plan.

frogs Sat 07-Feb-09 22:55:09

Do you mean StM the catholic grammar school in Finchley? V. v. good school for the right child. Do CAT me if you want more info on that one, as I don't want to out myself on a public board.

Wasn't keen on City of London when we looked round a few years ago for dd1, but new head meant to be v. v. good. Have you looked at Channing? Might be a more confidence-building environment. Not mixed though, obv.

maggiethecat Sat 07-Feb-09 23:04:48

Will cat you. Interesting that you mention Channing - had friends from dd's Islington nursery who applied for daughters to go there and both independently said that at the interview stage while waiting for daughters they felt distinctly uncomfortable by some of the parents there - aloof, unfriendly.

athometoday Sun 08-Feb-09 19:21:44


lulurose Sun 08-Feb-09 19:40:59

Dame Alice Owen? Excellent music dept. I have my heart set on it for DDs. Its Herts but only just and gives places to Islington residents as used to be situated there.

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