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What year in Australian schools equates with UK Lower Sixth?

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ajandjjmum Mon 02-Feb-09 10:03:16

Be really grateful if anyone knows - ds is looking to go on an exchange programme, and don't know which year to look at!


Cies Mon 02-Feb-09 10:06:57

I don't know about Australia's system, but lower sixth is the penultimate year at school, when students are 16-17. Also called year 12.

ajandjjmum Mon 02-Feb-09 10:18:41

It seems that Yr. 12 is actually the last year in Australian schools, so I suppose logically it would be Yr. 11/12 he would be joining, which is fine as they're at the same Campus!

Thanks! smile

kayspace Mon 02-Feb-09 16:06:52

Which state?

Until recently, in QLD, I believe compulsory ed went from Y1 to Y10 or Y11, with Y11-12 being what in the UK would be 6th form, but finishing school (and starting uni!) at 17.

Now I think the Preschool bit has become compulsory but not sure if earliest school leaving is 15 or 16. The school year starts in January, so I think a child turning 5 to 6 in a given year would enter Y1 that Jan, for example.

bloss Mon 02-Feb-09 16:20:20

Message withdrawn

Bubbaluv Mon 02-Feb-09 16:25:36

How exciting, where is he looking at going to?

ajandjjmum Tue 03-Feb-09 11:20:57

He is hoping to do an exchange for just one term at a school in Victoria - having said that, there are a few boys in his year who are keen to do this, and there are unlikely to be more than 1 or 2 places.

It just seems funny that he will be spending his summer holiday in school - fantastic experience though, if he's lucky enough to be selected.

Thanks for all your help! grin

Bubbaluv Tue 03-Feb-09 13:07:56

Does he realise it would mean skipping Summer altogether? it will be cold in Victoria.
Still, would be good fun I'm sure. Public (state) or private school?

ajandjjmum Tue 03-Feb-09 13:22:02

If we're talking about the British summer he won't necessarily be missing that much! grin

How cold is it in Victoria - it's actually Geelong - do you know Bubbaluv?

It's a private school - I think they arrange the exchanges between themselves.

Bubbaluv Tue 03-Feb-09 13:54:52

Lol - true!
Geelong Grammar I guess? Excellent school.
I can't be too specific on temps as I never lived near there, but I would think lows of around 0 celcius maybe colder at night and highs of 10-12 celcius?
Pretty bloody cold!

ajandjjmum Tue 03-Feb-09 16:34:07

That's true! Geelong Grammar is the school in Australia, and then there are several possibilities in South Africa - it just depends which one (if any!) he gets offered!

He's waiting to go in to the interview at the moment - I feel really nervous for him!

Bit different to my exchange to France for a week!

Bubbaluv Tue 03-Feb-09 17:13:06

One of my friend's sons is looking at an exchange from his school in sydney to a school in Paris. I think it's for 6 months, so I think he's terribly brave! It would be an amazing expereince though, and I think at that age it is very healthy for boys to get out and have some independence thrust upon them.
Both Geelong Grammar and The Scots College (where my friend's son goes) send all boys away to their rural campuses for 6 months when they are 15 (or 16??) so all the boys your son would meet there would have some experience of being away from home for an extended period of time.
Sending virtual good luck vibes! smile

kayspace Tue 03-Feb-09 22:23:25

Geelong Grammar? Isn't that Gordonstoun Down Under?

Whilst I am SURE your DC will have a great time, I think one can be taken with the idea that Australia is an egalitarian, no worries, she'll be right society....

BUT I doubt you'd meet as much money-fuelled snobbery anywhere as you do in the Australian Old School Tie system! It's like the UK circa 1950!

bloss Wed 04-Feb-09 06:59:48

Message withdrawn

Bubbaluv Wed 04-Feb-09 09:30:00

Kayspace, I've really never seen anything like English snobbery in Aus. What gave you that impression?

ajandjjmum Wed 04-Feb-09 10:39:56

Your friend's son might be interested to look on the website of Hilton College in South Africa. They have some reports written by boys who've been on exchange, and I'm sure some have been to The Scots College.

They all start off being so nervous, and end up describing the exchange as the experience of a lifetime!

Finger's still crossed. grin

Bubbaluv Wed 04-Feb-09 12:31:04

I think he wants to solidify his French language skills though, hence the Parisian choice.
I wish I'd done something like this!

ajandjjmum Wed 04-Feb-09 14:35:46

I think it's a real challenge, but great fun. The kids who come to the dc's school seem to mix in really well, get involved in all the nights out etc. Ds thought his interview went quite well, but have a feeling that he might end up going to a school in SA rather than Australia, as he was pretty flexible.

Can't believe my little baby is really up for this!! grin

Bubbaluv Wed 04-Feb-09 21:17:49

He'll have a ball where ever he ends up I'm sure.
Fingers crossed!

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