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Diplomas, any one else recruiting, any thoughts

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domesticslave Sun 01-Feb-09 01:01:51

I seem to have been landed with delivering the environmental and land based diploma. As usual the introduction of diplomas has been rushed and under funded so now find I am needing to recruit from uninformed students and parents.

Anyone else in the same situation

PuzzleRocks Sun 01-Feb-09 21:22:23

Bumping for you.

zanzibarmum Sun 01-Feb-09 22:12:48

Landed with the land diploma. Nice. I am sure that, as a professional teacher, something as apparently ill-prepared as you suggest results in no pupil taking the course. Inform them first and then next year in the full light of the facts parents and pupils can shun this land based diploma along with all the other pieces of paper that masqerade as educational qualifications.

Sorry.. but it is supposed to be for the benefit of the students - or at least was in my day.

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