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What are the chances of getting into Dartford Grammar sixth form?

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harty1966 Tue 27-Jan-09 13:07:25

My daughter has just been interviewed for Dartford Grammar Sixth form and is currently in Year 11 at Grays Convent School in Grays. Does anyone know what the chances of an external applicant being offered a place. I want to manage her expectations if the chances are low. She is a A grade student and would qualify academically. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

PuzzleRocks Tue 27-Jan-09 20:21:58

Bumping for you.

harty1966 Wed 28-Jan-09 15:26:20

Sorry, I dont get it? Is that text speak for something?

LIZS Wed 28-Jan-09 15:37:22

no it simply PRT being helpful in bringing the thread back onto the Active Conversations page in order to elicit a response.

wotulookinat Wed 28-Jan-09 15:48:43

Do you know how many places they have 'spare' in the sixth form?
I know with some other selective/grammar schools in the area that the chances are high as they have bigger year groups in the sixth form and also some current year 11s will go elsewhere to continue studying or work. They will take in travel as a consideration, though. Is the journey a problem?

harty1966 Thu 29-Jan-09 10:28:46

Thanks for the tip about the bumping. I am pretty much new to all this.

Travel to the school has got its problems but she is prepared to put up with the early starts and it is possible by bus. We were considering getting together with other students in the area to arrange a minibus as our council used to provide this but are withdrawing it from this year. I think you are right that this might prove to be a stumbling block as it was mentioned at interview.

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