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Should homework be set during GCSE module exams? Teachers/parents please discuss

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lilolilmanchester Sun 18-Jan-09 23:23:05

DS has had 5 GCSE science module exams over the last week. Teachers in other subjects continue to set non-coursework related homework. I appreciate that their subjects are still important and they have work to get through but surely actual GCSE exams take priority? I am fully supportive of teachers the rest of the time, but have written to 2 teachers this week saying the science exams and revision have to take priority over their homework, but we would ensure he caught up on homework once the exams were over (in 2 days time)One teacher said that as he hadn't done his homework, he would be put on detention. Having spoken to a teacher friend and following her advice, am planning on escalating this (politely and professionally) but would appreciate other views first. Thanks

roisin Mon 19-Jan-09 01:13:47

At my school Sci and Maths depts do request that other depts don't set homework the week before the modular exams. Tbh at our place it's so hard to get most kids to do any homework at all, that most teachers don't mind at all.

But through the school year there are a lot of modular exams, mocks, work experience, oral moderators, etc. Some (dedicated) teachers do get a bit narky at these requests.

If you have been ensuring he has been working hard and revising for his science exams, and that you will ensure he catches up asap, then I would expect school should be supportive of this.

Why has he had so many exams to do at once? Are some re-sits?

foxytocin Mon 19-Jan-09 04:35:16

A module is a fairly small chunk of work, isn't it?

surely if he hadn't done the bulk of learning during the normal lessons and assigned homework, then he won't learn it the night before.

scienceteacher Mon 19-Jan-09 07:05:03

The only module exams we have are the 3 20-minute Science ones, which take place one one day, occasionally two (but in the same week).

They don't get Science homework that week (which would amount to 1.5 hours), but they aren't cut any slack on any other subject. I don't think it is necessary for the world to stop for them. The key thing is to do the work when they are supposed to do it, and not suddenly try to learn everything just before the test.

lilolilmanchester Mon 19-Jan-09 09:07:06

These exams are 45 minutes each and there is a lot of learning in there. 3 are new modules in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 2 are resits as teachers think he should be getting A*s in science but got an A in Physics and a B in Biology in the last exams. Whilst I agree they shouldn't be revising the night before, these exams are spread over a week and a bit and they are being set normal homework, including essays, to be handed in over the same week. I just think it's a bit much to ask of them. But seems the consensus is not, so won't take it any further and will let him go to detention.

Pimmpom Mon 19-Jan-09 14:56:31

Understand how you feel as we have been in the same position with dd and it has been a hard fortnight. She has had mocks, 2 science modules (last one today), had to complete English coursework and hand in her PEP on Thursday.

She has had to prioritise and decided to revise Science over the weekend, work on her PEP from today until Wed and well History homework will probably be a rushed affair.

lilolilmanchester Mon 19-Jan-09 19:55:11

Hi Pimmpom, how did your DD's exams go? DS's last 2 exams today so I've chained him to his desk to get on with his homework.

Pimmpom Tue 20-Jan-09 10:19:18

Hi lilolilmanchester, well she found it quite hard. She now wants to relax a bit but of course can't. Has to work on her PEP and ordinary homework.

Hope your ds's exams went well yesterday.

lilolilmanchester Tue 20-Jan-09 16:37:52

DS had 2 physics exams yesterday which he thought were ok but he always says that. He knows for sure where he got a couple of questions wrong. Will just have to wait for the results I guess and crack the whip to keep him focused on homework and coursework. Must ask DS about PEP (assume personal education plan?) Not something he or the school have mentioned.

Pimmpom Tue 20-Jan-09 21:46:47

It's Personal Exercise Plan for GCSE PE, so no need to panic if he hasn't taken PE grin

lilolilmanchester Tue 20-Jan-09 23:32:21

phew!! DS couldn't do GCSE PE cos he's doing triple science. Is doing half a PE GCSE s an extra this y ear, but have asked and he says only those doing a full GCSE do a PEP.

violethill Thu 22-Jan-09 17:13:28

Carry on as per usual, with revision tasks as Science homework. That's the case round our way.

Jampot Fri 23-Jan-09 12:48:09

dd has had 2 physics exams on Monday which she was panicking about because she apparently doesnt "get" physics. I think school work still has to go on and of course they will get study leave closer to the actual exams. Dd knows that her social life will be reduced over the next few months to make room for extra study in all subjects (other than those she has now finished with German, Physics)

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