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St albans boys school

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okunka Fri 16-Jan-09 11:38:54

Anyone with experience of the 11+ exam at this school? If DS is there now or went there, is he/was he happy? Grateful for any info!

Litchick Fri 16-Jan-09 12:03:14

The 11+ at ST Albans is primarily for boys coming from the state system. The rest join from prep schools at 13.
Lots of boys from this area go there and seem very happy.
It is very academic but you still see the guys hanging out in the city centre with their mates at lunchtime...they look perfectly scruffy and normal iyswim.
I shall be sending ds there ( assuming he gets in).

okunka Fri 16-Jan-09 20:52:53

Thanks for info, Litchick. Glad to hear that the boys from the school seem normal despite working hard at school. Helps if they well-rounded - in my view. Will definitely be trying for it.

ProfRichardDawkins Sat 24-Jan-09 14:26:27

Okunka - My sons go to SA. We are very very pleased with it and they are both very very happy there. CAT me if you want to ask me anything off-board.

okunka Sat 24-Jan-09 23:02:31

Thanks, Prof. DS has received confirmation that he has passed exams and should come back to spend a couple of hours at the school this week which is the final part of the admissions process. What was your experience of this process?

ProfRichardDawkins Sun 25-Jan-09 12:52:14

It's really very relaxed. The prospective pupil is chatted to in informal little groups. The head of lower school asked DS2 about his favourite book. DS2 said he didn't have much time for reading as there was such a lot of good stuff on the telly. grin

Remember he has already passed through their academic hoop (well done him as it's not easy), so they are just trying to get to know what sort of boy he is. I only know of a few boys who are rejected at the interview stage.

I know of one boy who has just been rejected for SA (didn't pass their entrance exam) but has passed the Habs one and is going for interview next week. Shame really as I think the parents marginally favoured SA. I think people find it hard to choose as the fees are almost identical and the results are very similar.

SA thrash Habs at rugby and Habs' building is soooooo modern. grin

Anyway, good luck to your son wherever he goes, and tell him not to worry. Feel free to CAT me if you feel the need.

vghappy Wed 26-Feb-14 10:09:38

My son has got a place in St Albans. We live in Stevenage and moved him to a fantastic middle school in Buntingford when he was in Year 4. We just gave a try for 11+ and luckily got in. However did not get any scholarship...The fees is now shocking £15k + extras which works out to be nearly £18k and is likely to go up every year...Is it worth throwing this huge amount? We will be really stretching ourselves. Any suggestions...I am quite stressed. If I leave this, am I missing a golden ticket???

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