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any DC started AS levels today??

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RiaParkinson Thu 08-Jan-09 20:43:41

Ds has

Biology and enforced general studies!

Milliways Thu 08-Jan-09 20:57:30

Good luck

DD has 2 exams this month but did AS levels last year and A2's this summer.

What other subjects is your DS taking?

RiaParkinson Thu 08-Jan-09 20:58:29

chemistry maths rs and critical thinking

General studies is enforced btw hmm

Milliways Thu 08-Jan-09 21:10:05

Tough subjects! I know DD's Chemistry friends were stressing over their last piece of coursework - but they are "strong" subjects for Uni places.

DD escaped Critical thinking as she did 5 AS levels and so had NO free periods to fit it in grin

RiaParkinson Thu 08-Jan-09 21:38:56

i wish!

Those who do critical thinking HAVE to do general studies

those who dont can choose general studies and the lessons are at the same time as CT

ds therefore HAS to do gen studies but unlike peers does not get any coaching hmm and odd!

Milliways Thu 08-Jan-09 21:46:29


NotanOtter also has a DS taking his first AS levels this month (had another thread earlier).

Will your DS keep all subjects going next year, or does Critical Thinking & GS stop after 1 year? DD dropped to 4 subjects this year as 5 was killing her, but her friend got 6 AS levels grade A, is taking 5 full A2 levels, and has just been rejected for Maths at Cambridge

RiaParkinson Thu 08-Jan-09 21:51:04

no idea

They have told him at school anyone getting over a Cat general studies HAS to take it to A2

not sure about the others

its such a minefield

we already feel hugely disadvantaged at he is at state school albeit selective

(have CAT ed you!)

scienceteacher Thu 08-Jan-09 22:07:36

We had Biology in school today (teacher thought was quite hard, pupils felt quite comfortable - very worrying).

My DS has Philosophy tomorrow.

Milliways Thu 08-Jan-09 22:07:54

Mine are at State - one normal & one grammar.

No CAT received, but MNTowers are probably asleep grin

Maths, RS & Chemistry are 3 strong subjects, and a lot of state schools do very well - and get a lot ok kids into good uni's. Does your DS know what he wants to do?

RiaParkinson Thu 08-Jan-09 22:13:14

he is thinking of medicine

I was talking a bout you and swedes to him tonight and he said ' i will be bottom of the heap being state and selective '
then added

'not sure i want to waste a choice'

I was quite anti Oxbridge for a while before GCSE's when he was VERY focused on it

Went on a rip to Oxford and came back and started doing voluntary work immediately....he has set up some great work experiences....

I dont know what to advise him for the best

DP says 'if he wants to apply - he should'

RiaParkinson Thu 08-Jan-09 22:14:20

ooh good science teacher

ds thought it was 'not sciency enough'

Milliways Thu 08-Jan-09 22:21:22

I work wih GP's, and have been talking about where they studied. They all avoided Oxbridge (some turned down offers shock ) as the medicine courses there are different to those at say the London Teaching Hospitals or Uni's attached to City Hospitals like Southampton. Oxbridge isn't everything. Glasgow & Edinburgh is popular for Med students too.

Has he looked at Student Room Medical board?

RiaParkinson Thu 08-Jan-09 22:26:41

thanks for the link

He is keen on Edinburgh...

He is VERY driven ( easy for me as he does all the pushing!) and i think since early teens saw Oxbridge as his goal....

very different to his mumsnetting Mummy!

Milliways Thu 08-Jan-09 22:30:47

Same here - don't know where my kids get there brains & drive from!

DD fell in love with Oxford after a visit, and was then reluctant to tell us that she actually thought the course wasn't right for her. Turned out Cambridge was though!

RiaParkinson Thu 08-Jan-09 22:47:37

its good though Milliways isn't it...easy

my second ds is the same

dd is like her mammy!

bagsforlife Fri 09-Jan-09 08:49:18

RiaParkinson,at my DCs grammar school (obvs selective and state) the university at which most got a place last year was Oxford, (and all of the sixth form apply to university, most of them Russell Group, and get a place)so I don't think your DS will be at a disadvantage

For Medicine it is quite common to only get 1 offer out of the 5 choices or whatever though.

Some pupils don't get a medicine place, then re-apply following year with their 3/4 As at A level and then usually get a place (inc. Oxbridge).

lazymumofteenagesons Fri 09-Jan-09 11:51:14

How come some AS levels are being taken this term. My son has not said anything about any exams this term. Are these retakes? He is doing Maths, Biology, History and RS, But I don't know the board. Should I be worried that he doesn't realise he's got exams?

Lilymaid Fri 09-Jan-09 12:05:21

DS2 (Upper 6/Y13) is doing 5 AS/A2 modules - including two AS retakes - over next two weeks, starting this morning. He didn't take any AS modules last January so I presume it depends on the school/college.
AS General Studies is a joke for the academic student - DS1 attended no lessons and had seen no exam papers and still got an A at AS - though apparently some work is required for A2.

RiaParkinson Fri 09-Jan-09 14:18:55

very odd at our school

ds is doing maths but half the year group of maths wont do it until summer......

idobelieveinfairies Fri 09-Jan-09 14:21:29

I think so blush....DD is doing the science triple award....i think the year 11 part of that are the AS'S???

SOme of the children fast-tracked so started GCSE's a year early...DD knows what she is doing.

larry5 Fri 09-Jan-09 15:39:31

Dd will have done Maths and Chemistry AS modules today, some of her year group will be resitting maths AS modules they did last year as they were fast tracked and feel they could get a better result. One of her friends at another school is doing a chemistry module but is not taking her maths module until the summer.

lazymumofteenagesons Fri 09-Jan-09 18:51:13

I checked with DS1 when he got home and he has no AS exams until the summer. He does do a series of biology practicals where they take the highest mark you get out of about 6 goes!

RiaParkinson Sat 10-Jan-09 21:16:24

how was chemistry everyone?

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