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Gordon's School, Surrey

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gottodecidesoon Wed 17-Dec-08 21:42:16

Anyone have any experience/thoughts?

annh Wed 17-Dec-08 22:51:07

Live not too far away but not close enough to consider it for dc. However, I believe it is so popular that they have an incredibly tiny catchment area? I hope you live within sight of the front gate!

gottodecidesoon Thu 18-Dec-08 03:09:46

Thanks annh. I heard that too - that you have to live within half a mile. We are ex-pats so boarding is the way in for us. I guess it is good sign that it's so popular. Don't know West Surrey well, but grew up in East Surrey. Is it a good area to live in?

notevenamousie Thu 18-Dec-08 03:24:49

When IIIIII was young (I grew up not far away) the reputation in the area was not that fab - as in very exclusive but not terribly academic. May have changed though, where else are you thinking of?

gottodecidesoon Thu 18-Dec-08 03:43:34

Yes, I heard that it's come a long way in that it used to be a pretty rough boys' secondary modern, but new head has transformed it into high achieving co-ed league tables topper with fab facilites (at least that's what The Good Schools Guide says.) DS also trying out for Wilson's in Croydon and Graveney in Tooting. We also have applications in to Dulwich College and Dulwich College prep but cannot realistically afford private schools. You know the area, notevenamousie, what other schools are there around there? Howard of Effingham is one that seems to get a good write- up. (Doing all this from abroad so relying on what we can read)

Suzel Wed 20-Jan-10 20:07:02

Gordon's is an excellent school, as far as I'm concerned the best in the UK. It's a non-selective school so kids don't need to pass an entrance exam to get in and yet it still manages to get excellent SAT's results that put it in the top 10 (sometimes top 5 schools in the UK). The only schools that can compete with it (and come higher in the league tables) are private or grammar schools (i.e. all the kids have passed an entrance exam of some sort). My son would've struggled with an 11+ or entrance exam but is getting all A* in his mock GCE's. Both my boys are completely different characters and both love the school. I would've lived in a one bed flat to give my sons the very best education money can buy, luckily I don't need to since Gordon's manages to be like a private school without the price tag (or for that matter, the elitism). They also sometimes beat Eton at Rugby (which makes me smile!). Sorry for going on (as you can see I'm a fan of the school! as well as a Gordon's school mum). I may not be on this site again for a while (I'm supposed to be working!) Good luck! I remember how scary it is trying to pick the best school for your kids!

MmeBlueberry Thu 21-Jan-10 21:15:56

There are lots of myths about Gordons. I heard one this week (IRL) about it being a grammar school - no, it's non-selective. Here, we have that it has a small catchment, but catchment is irrelevent given that it is a boarding school, and I certainly know pupils from quite far afield (eg Essex).

It is a state school, so they have long termtimes and have to rigorously follow the National Curriculum and the latest government whim. They do have a lot of features of independent schools because they are boarding. They play matches against independent schools.

Their results are in line with other non-selective state schools, eg Charters which is one of their neighbour schools.

gloglogloglo Tue 09-Mar-10 20:37:27

Hi Suzel / other parents from Gordon's,
Can I please pull upon your experience. What requirements did you meet to gain a place at this school?
I have two children and am hoping to relocate to the area soon (looking to rent within .4 of a mile). My son has been diagnosed with ADHD but does not have a statement, any advice would be appreciated. Unfortunately we have missed the year seven intake deadline, but hoping to submit a late application.

Burroo Wed 10-Mar-10 11:03:36

We applied to Gordons for a boarding place for our ds for September this year and didn't get it.
Boarding places are allocated on need with priority given to those who have a sibling already at the school who automatically get a place and those with a parent serving in the armed forces.
This year all places went to children in those 2 categories, and even then, there were more armed services parents applying than there were available places so they were allocated randomly.
Anyone else with a boarding need of a different kind therefore didn't even get considered.
There are lots of other state boarding schools around though which might be worth trying if you can show a need to board (we have been offered a place at Hockerill).

gottodecidesoon Fri 10-Sep-10 13:36:59

A year and a half on from writing that first opening post, I thought I better update and say that DS went in sep 09 as a weekly boarder, and has just started Year 8. We have been very pleased with the school. MmeBlueberry - it is much more akin to a private school and has GCSE results in line with the good Kent/Bucks Grammars despite no selection. You are right though that it is subject to Government whims, but the Head (just retired) says they give most stuff short shrift. I suspect it will soon make use of new legislation to gain even more independence.
Gloglogloglo - go and give it a look. My son is in a dorm with a lovely boy who has ADHD. Apparantly the school has very good provision - rare in such a focused academic environment.
My only bugbear - the boarding fees (the education is free) are steep. Most boarders are paid for by the MoD but we're not and it hurts!!
I have heard that Hockerill is excellent, Burroo - how's it turned out?

kris123 Fri 19-Nov-10 21:06:19


What is your view of Hockerill Anglo-European College? Clearly its a fantastic school, but having a choice, would you prefer to send your child to Hockerill, or to a grammar school like St Olave's for instance in Orpington?

Both amazing choices, i know, but the choice needs to be made.

Many thanks for your opinion.


RoRosMum Sun 08-Jan-12 14:55:54

We are seliing our house which is in Gordon's catchment - please do email or send me a message if you would like to find out more to

chickens Tue 17-May-16 18:00:45

Has anyone got any recent feedback about Gordon's? How is the pastoral care? Eg if DC are homesick, sad, ill etc
We are particularly interested in weekly boarding for DS.

Pufflemum Wed 25-May-16 16:00:42

I know lots of children from the school, admittedly mainly day pupils. They are without fail well rounded, happy teenagers. They have a fantastic network within the school and support each other. This was evident with the recent tragic event of a pupil passing away whilst at school.

Academically they are pushed hard but the children seem to accept and understand why and all want to do the best for the school.

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