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[shock], how do you afford Eton's fees?!?!

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Pawslikepaddington Tue 18-Nov-08 21:54:41

I was struggling working out how one would manage £4k a term for a great public school, but £30k a year shock, I have been living in a cheapo fee bubble!

sandyballs Tue 18-Nov-08 21:57:10

How does 4k a term work out to 30k a year? i make it 12k. Still a lot of money though!!

Pawslikepaddington Tue 18-Nov-08 21:57:52

No no, normal day fees are £4k, Eton fees are nearly £10k!

SquiffyHock Tue 18-Nov-08 21:58:09

I don't think there are many senior schools at £4K a term. The one we hope DC to go to is £24K a year now and DS won't be going for another 10 years shock What will it be then??

Pawslikepaddington Tue 18-Nov-08 21:58:14

Per term! grin

Pawslikepaddington Tue 18-Nov-08 22:00:05

The one I want dd to go to is £4,200 per term, and it is 10th in the country (not being smug, just glad we live close enough to have it as an option).

Lilymaid Tue 18-Nov-08 22:01:51

DS1's independent secondary costs around £4k per term and gets equivalent exam results to Eton - but it is a day school.

Quattrocento Tue 18-Nov-08 22:03:53

There is a big difference between dayschools and boarding. For £12k a year, you'll get a reasonable number of day schools. Boarding is much more expensive

Pawslikepaddington Tue 18-Nov-08 22:09:57

I know as I boarded for 7 years, but how do parents manage it-I am aghast! The other boarders were not daughters of barons or anything-we were all pretty middle class-how did our parents manage?

noonki Tue 18-Nov-08 22:15:46

My poor cousin went there. He still talks about how much he missed having a family home life sad, his parents had fees paid by my uncle's job as he was posted all over the world.

MostlyReindeer Tue 18-Nov-08 22:17:29

I have seem far more expensive, no wonder there are so few large families! Imagine putting through private school shock

Pawslikepaddington Tue 18-Nov-08 22:18:42

Must admit I wouldn't want dd to board unless it was absolutely necessary, I hated it, but I am "softer" than dd! And my mum was totally un-maternal, so I used to come home from school and make my own tea from being 7 and mum would come in about 7pm, so it was nice to have people around and not be on my own IYSWIM.

Pawslikepaddington Tue 18-Nov-08 22:20:15

There was a family of 6 that boarded at mine-phwoar-£180,000 per year in fees alone! Their dad was forces though so they paid the bulk.

NotanOtterOHappyDay Tue 18-Nov-08 22:20:57

aww Paws x

Quattrocento Tue 18-Nov-08 22:22:00

Yes but school fees have gone up massively in relation to earnings over the previous ten years.

A lot of my old school friends would like to send their children to feepaying schools but the money is not easy to find ...

Pawslikepaddington Tue 18-Nov-08 22:24:14

I know, I was a true little sob story grin. Was quite nice actually-I used to watch tv and eat sweets until I felt sick! Mum was around, I wasn't neglected or anything, but she picked me up from school, dropped me at home, told me to go to the neighbour's if I needed something and went back to work until 7-no tax credits in those days grin.

EachPeachPearMum Wed 19-Nov-08 12:49:55

You afford them by being wealthy... what an odd question!

mummyloveslucy Thu 20-Nov-08 18:33:13

My daughters are £2000 a term and it's a fantastic school. I always thought that was a lot of money. (it is to us anyway)
It must be quite cheep then in the scheem of things.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Thu 20-Nov-08 19:09:15

One thing to bear in mind tho is that if they board you do not have childcare or babysitting costs and so means both parents can have serious jobs. My DC want to board, but I would miss them too much....

nell12 Thu 20-Nov-08 19:14:44

We worked out that ds boarding school is £125 a day (mon to fri) shock shock

Thank goodness the Navy pay most of it! DD starts in Reception in September, so we will be on beans on taost until she is 8 and the Navy pay some of her fees as well!

needmorecoffee Thu 20-Nov-08 19:18:10

you afford Eton by being rich. That seems to make sense.

mummyloveslucy Thu 20-Nov-08 19:20:27

I know a woman who pays £1200 a year on childcare so that she can work. She's a single mum and earns £2600 a year. She also has quite a big mortgage.
I don't know how she manages.

LIZS Fri 21-Nov-08 08:40:31

mll she probably gets tax credits to cover some or all of childcare costs, income support, council tax etc or she has capital from which to pay living expenses. People aren't always strictly honest when discussing finances. 3-4 k per term is norm for prep upwards around here.

Litchick Fri 21-Nov-08 13:54:08

And boarding school certainly doesn't preclude the need for child care. Unless emloyers have started to give 20 weeks holiday a year.

lazymumofteenagesons Fri 21-Nov-08 14:29:49

MLL have you missed some zeros off?

nell12 I wish you hadn't posted that. I've never worked it out before and having just done it i've gone into a state of shock at £123 per day. He'd better eat alot and use copious amounts of hot water.

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