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Insider info on schools please

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fishperson Sat 11-Oct-08 21:14:38

We're relocating to SW of London next year so I'm trailing around the various girls' independent schools' Open Days, looking at websites, league table etc etc but what I really need is the inside track please (PM me if more appropriate).

We're interested in Sir Wlliam Perkins' at Chertsey, Luckley Oakfield in Wokingham and Surbiton High.

DD is academically bright, quite quiet, and a little bit under-motivated to do her very best (lacking confidence, I think). Also, we're not "posh" and want DD to fit in okay.

Not being local, we're not in the know about their reputations so would welcome any advice. Many thanks.

SqueakyPop Sun 12-Oct-08 03:26:27

Do you know exactly where you will be living?

fishperson Sun 12-Oct-08 07:18:43

We're flexible about where we live. We'll (hopefully) get the school sorted then find somewhere that's an esay communte for my daughter and my husband's office.

SqueakyPop Sun 12-Oct-08 08:35:07

Willie Perks is certainly a very good school. It is selective with anyone above average getting in. Class sizes are quite big (24). Girls are encouraged to take part in after school activities.

They have school buses, and is on the Weybridge/Staines branchline, and public buses to Staines and Woking or Weybridge. The holidays are not much longer than state schools (although they do get a two-week October half-term).

It's not posh - very much caters for bright girls from motivated families who are willing to do what it takes to pay for independent education.

I'm not sure how a quiet girl, under-motivated girl would get along in such large groups. I would certainly consider schools with smaller class sizes and expectation that she gets involved in most of the school's activities. I had always assumed that my DD would go to SWPS (it's our nearest girls' school), but on learning about the large class sizes I felt that she would be better off in a smaller school - she is bright (an academic scholar) but always holds back when it comes to doing other stuff. I couldn't be more delighted with how she is doing in her school now (she is in Y7) - she is getting involved in extra drama, games practices (it will be a while before she makes the teams, but she is still keen to train), Mandarin lessons, choir etc.

There are loads of girls' schools in the area you mention, and they all a bit different from one another.

fishperson Sun 12-Oct-08 09:25:55

Squeakypops - thanks very much for your info. Could you suggest other local schools that might suit her personality? Would you be willing to let me know where your DD goes? It's not easy for me as I'm not local to get the "vibe" on various schools. Thanks!

SqueakyPop Sun 12-Oct-08 09:30:45

You are not receiving cats, so if you cat me, I can email you

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fishperson Sun 12-Oct-08 11:13:39

Thanks - am now receiving CATS!

SqueakyPop Sun 12-Oct-08 16:47:46

I've emailed you

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