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how much homework does yourdc get a week?

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stitch Wed 01-Oct-08 19:44:56

and howlong does it actually take them to do it?
for example, when the school thinks it will take them 15 minutes to do it, ds spends over an hour on it.

MaureenMLove Wed 01-Oct-08 19:47:28

Well, dd had and 90 mins tonight, but other nights she gets 5 mins worth! I don't think we've ever been told, how much time they are supposed to spend on it, but I look at what she's got to do first and if I'm confident she's done enough, that's good enough for me.

stitch Wed 01-Oct-08 19:48:22

ds tends to spend his entire weekend on the homework, well, sat adn sun afternoon, and then most of sunday night. blush

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Wed 01-Oct-08 19:50:50

dd1 is only in reception but she gets a new story book each night and one leveled reading book each week that she has to read daily. she also has spelling to learn each week and a small weekend task, like building a model or finding recycling to take into school.

its takes about 15 mins each night to help with the reading/spelling and about an hour for her weekend tasks.

MaureenMLove Wed 01-Oct-08 19:51:18

Oh dear, that doesn't sound good. Does he store it up for the weekend? DD does whatever she gets on the day, apart from Fridays, but it never seems to encroach on the weekend.

stitch Wed 01-Oct-08 19:53:23

he doesnt do it on the weeknights. and then spends about an hour looking for his pencil case etc.

MaureenMLove Wed 01-Oct-08 19:58:48

Maybe try that from next week then? It's gotta be worth trying. Rotten for him to be spending all weekend doing school work. DD comes straight in from school and does it. She's in by 3.30, so generally she's done by 4.30. She did leave one peice tonight because she did have rather a lot. It doesn't need to be in until next Wednesday, so I said she could do it tomorrow, when she suspects she won't have much.

cory Wed 01-Oct-08 20:30:20

Age? Dd used to be a lot like this. Ds still taken 45 minutes to do his French horn practice. That's half an hour getting the horn out of the case and 15 minutes actually playing hmm.

But generally, I find the older they get the less time the homework takes. Which can hardly be because they're getting less of it.

cory Wed 01-Oct-08 21:32:19

Sorry, missed that we're in the secondary thread blush. Ds is 8 so hardly relevant.

Dd is in Yr 7. She has been spending a fair amount of time on homework lately, but mainly her history project and she enjoys that so is probably not going for the bare minimum.

SqueakyPop Wed 01-Oct-08 21:34:38

In year 7, they get 20-30 minutes in each subject each week.

smartiejake Wed 01-Oct-08 21:40:38

My dd is in year 8. In year 7 she didn't seem to get a huge amount of homework. Prob about half an hour and ocassional nights where it took a bit longer.

In year 8 it's a bit more but not too arduous but I am not a great fan of homework so quite happy with that.

roisin Wed 01-Oct-08 21:57:32

ds1 gets between 6 and 9 pieces per week. I think they are supposed to be 30 mins, but they do vary. Many take only 10-15 mins, but some he will spend up to an hour on to do a decent presentation.

Generally he works two evenings a week plus Saturday mornings. I would say on average 3-4 hrs per week.

I insist on him finishing off everything on Saturday before we do anything else. Then we can relax and enjoy the weekend.

snorkle Wed 01-Oct-08 22:21:39

Lots of variables here. They're both supposed to get 2 or 3 30min homeworks per night. One dc quite often gets carried away with homework & does more than required quite often & the other does the bare minimum very seldom taking as long as 30 mins. Also I've noticed geography homework almost always takes a lot longer than it should. Both often get a lot done at school (in lessons?) so don't bring that much home.

They've had the same teachers setting he same homework and there's still a huge variation in how long they spend.

welshdeb Wed 01-Oct-08 22:34:59

my ds is in y7 and should have 11 pieces of homework a week, according to his homework diary and planner. These seem to take beween 20 minutes and 45 minutes to do as an average.

This has come as quite a shock as he was having 1 item a week in y 6.

I have to say though that he has missed a few this week as he has had a few supply / cover teachers who haven't set him any.

amess Sat 04-Oct-08 15:44:50

Ditto welshdeb and towards the end of year 6 they had nothing after the SATS which made it even harder in year 7

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