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resitting maths module 2

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Jampot Thu 25-Sep-08 13:34:58

dd is in yr 11 and tells me she thinks she needs a tutor for maths. in module 1 she got A and module 2 she got a B making her overall grade so far a B. her maths teacher has suggested her resitting mod 2 to try and bring her grade up as she is capable of A or even A*. dd doesnt want to resit the module and just wants extra tutoring. she said she is happy with a B and i should stop interfering. i think she spends too much time socialising and doesnt want an unscheduled exam to get in the way but also i dont want to put her under extreme pressure either

SqueakyPop Thu 25-Sep-08 19:59:09

If it were my child, I would make them resit it.

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