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How do you find out if your child is entitled to free school meals?

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TooTicky Mon 15-Sep-08 14:23:39

Also, is there much stigma about it at secondary school age?
Thanks smile

littlerach Mon 15-Sep-08 14:25:18

Think it is on recepit of certain benefits.

Call the school office and they'll tell you.

Is she enjoying it still?

TooTicky Mon 15-Sep-08 14:26:09

Thanks smile

Yes she is, but is finding it quite tiring!

trumpetgirl Mon 15-Sep-08 14:39:41

You have to apply through the council, and they will be able to tell you if you are eligible.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Mon 15-Sep-08 14:43:14

if you and your partner are working less than 16 hours a week. once you are working more than that you are not entitled.

magentadreamer Mon 15-Sep-08 17:19:09

Your council web site should be able to tell you. I'm not too sure about stigma etc. At DD's school they all have a dinner card whih they have to load with money at the office I'd assume those who got free school dinners would just have their's loaded with the amount weekly so no one would know.

TooTicky Mon 15-Sep-08 21:55:17

Ach, bugger. Not entitled.
Mind you, dd1 had a school meal today and was most unimpressed, so no great loss I suppose.

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