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Question about tuck at boarding school

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ChangedMyMind Tue 02-Sep-08 15:13:17

What type of thing did you send your dc with and how much for 2 weeks?

ChangedMyMind Tue 02-Sep-08 20:04:57


SqueakyPop Tue 02-Sep-08 20:06:32

What does the school say?

LucyJones Tue 02-Sep-08 20:07:42

in my day we just got money for the tuck shop

occasionally we got a food parcel , just like Hogwarts grin

BoredyHouse Tue 02-Sep-08 20:08:02

My parents sent me off with a tin of dried fruit and oatmeal bars.

And then wondered why I had no friends.

WilfSell Tue 02-Sep-08 20:08:30

oh tuck off...


forevercleaning Tue 02-Sep-08 20:08:53

I remember my brother had loads of yummy stuff in his tuck and we were so jealous!

Crisps, biscuits and cakes are the only things i remember though sorry. It was about 25 years ago! Expect its all organic raisins now smile

nell12 Tue 02-Sep-08 20:09:50

I dont bother with tuck

DS gets fed 3 cooked meals a day and is too busy to do much else.

He is allowed into town on pocket money day; so I suspect he fills up with sugar and e-numbers then grin

He is Yr 8 BTW, but was the same in Yr 7

BoredyHouse Tue 02-Sep-08 20:10:14

I think I may even have had some carob-based snacks.

<<tries to blot out reverberating cries of "Fains">>

nell12 Tue 02-Sep-08 20:11:53

If you do go for it would suggest not chocolate (in case his box is left near something hot!) and nothing with nuts in.

Haribo-type sweets, popcorn, etc will probably go down well

forevercleaning Tue 02-Sep-08 20:12:39

oh my goodnes boredyh - have you been in therapy since this trauma of childhood?

(carob based snacks - oh dear)

nell12 Tue 02-Sep-08 20:14:34

Have just asked ds (home this evening from school) and he says that people do not have tuck boxes in his boarding house

Sorry, that's not very helpful is it?

babypringle Tue 02-Sep-08 20:15:37

When I worked in a year 7/8 boarding house most of the kids had cartons of fruit juice, small sized chocolate bars (like the 2 finger kit kats and mini cadburys bars), crisps, cereal bars, individually wrapped cake bars, and larger bags of haribo type stuff for the weekend. Fruit etc was encouraged but tended to be the last thing to be taken out of the tuck boxes (suprise!). They weren't allowed town leave and there wasn't a tuck shop so tuck boxes were really important!

ChangedMyMind Tue 02-Sep-08 21:32:10

Well they've got a tuck shop and get £2 per week pocket money which they are discouraged from spending all of it on sweets/fizzy drinks!

They have locker in their common room which has a kitchen so far I've got 2 packets of plainish biscuits, box of breadsticks, few tiny tins of hoops (yuck) I think they have access to bread, butter - got her peanut butter & cheese too. She's not a great one for eating her meals, or eating much in terms of quantity she'd rather eat rubbish - so it's a bit tricky. I just can't think of things to send with her!

I'm sure when she's home for the weekend I may get a shopping list......

maryz Tue 02-Sep-08 23:12:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheDuchessOfNork Tue 02-Sep-08 23:37:03

Everyone I know took at least 4 loaves of white sliced each to combat the utter starvation. grin

sallystrawberry Tue 02-Sep-08 23:44:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PrincessButtercup Tue 02-Sep-08 23:56:41

Hot chocolate/squash to make up drinks, etc; maybe marmite, jam; crisps; noodles - the comforting store cupboardy kind of stuff that's nice to have around. Bread, butter,milk & other basics often provided in house..

lazymumofteenagesons Wed 03-Sep-08 12:17:50

The first term my son boarded I sent him with a tuppa ware full of cereal bars, biscuits etc. He then said it wasn't necessary. After school there are always muffins/biscuits laid out in boarding house. A small kitchen has fruit juices, ribena, tea, coffee, milk, bread, butter, jam, choc spread etc. Bowl of fruit always available and they can take this into school for break. I think cupa soup is there. And on top of that they can go to town after school twice a week now with poacket money(year 9).
I think boarding schools are more 'homely' now and you pay alot of money they should provide snacks!

dinasaw Wed 03-Sep-08 14:38:47

I work in a boarding school. Most of the kids bring sweets, crisps, fruit etc. Pot noodles or cheap packet noodles are popular and microwave popcorn.
It depends what facilities they have access to. In our school the boarding houses for older kids have kettles, microwaves and toasters. Bread, butter, jam, marmite, fruit, biscuits, tea, milk etc are all provided.
The younger kids can ask for a kettle to be boiled for hot drinks, noodles or for use of the microwave. This is done by staff for safety reasons.
I would avoid sending too much food with them. Some kids are sent with several multipacks of crips. I'm sure parents expect them to last several weeks, but the kids will eat five packets a day and then share with friends and find it all gone by the end of the week.
Speak to your kid about what you would expect them to eat, e.g one packet of crips a day, a bag of haribo should last two days etc, whatever limits you want to put on it.
I would avoid peanut butter or anything with nuts. If there is a child with a nut allergy it may be banned on site.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Wed 03-Sep-08 15:06:46

lol at the fruit!

lazymumofteenagesons Wed 03-Sep-08 15:42:33

Mrs G, Unfortunately I agree with you there. I think they probably use it as amunition on the playing fields.

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