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emsiewill Fri 22-Aug-08 20:27:36

Not sure if that title makes sense, but have been so impressed with the preparation my dd1 has had for her new school & I wondered what other schools do.

Dds 'bridge' (as they call it) started in yr 5 - an open evening for kids and parents to have a look round the school and get a feel for what it's like.

During yr 6, dd visited the school 4 times - a Christmas concert, an Easter egg hunt, a sports day and another open evening. The head of lower school and head of yr 7 also visited their school 3 times to talk to the yr 6s and the headteacher held an open evening at the primary school as well.

Next week, dd will be staying in the school from Wed - Fri. They do sports, go to the cinema and get a chance to get used to the layout and feel of the school in a relaxed atmosphere. The 6th form prefects are also there to help, as well as the yr 7 teachers.

The first week of term is spent at an activity centre in N Wales, again with 6th formers and form teachers, so by the time they actually start school, there isn't such a pronounced divide between the children from the different feeder schools, they have formed good relationships with the 6th formers, and got to know their teachers.

I have been soooo impressed with this whole programme, and haven't yet heard of any other secondary school that does anything like this, but would be interested to hear whether they exist...

3andnomore Sat 23-Aug-08 20:03:24

My es started Secondary last year....they didn't do qite as much as your dd's school...but I felt the Kids were well prepared.
In year 6 we went to look at the different schools open evenings to look what they are providing, etc.
Once we had the positive reply from the 1st choice school , the parents were invited for an open evening....without kids.
Before school finished for summer they had a couple of transfer days, where they met the other Kids.
After summerhols the first week was mainly for bonding and adjusting....they didn't go away for a whole week, but did a daytrip.

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