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I cant help it - i HAVE to do it here - in real life I cant ....<warning proud!!>>

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NotAnOtter Fri 22-Aug-08 20:17:22

DS got all A* grin

despite having me for a mummy and
despite me being 9 months pg during the exams!

He had his picture taken for the paper!

McDreamy Fri 22-Aug-08 20:18:58

Aw you deserve to be a very proud mum smile

Well done NotanOtter's son, I am very impressed smile

TrinityRhino Fri 22-Aug-08 20:19:49

well done notanotter's son smile

SorenLorensen Fri 22-Aug-08 20:19:58

No, you're allowed to be proud - well done that boy grin

lubyluby Fri 22-Aug-08 20:20:18

ah thats fab news!

well done notanotters son and well doen notanotter for raising him grin

slim22 Fri 22-Aug-08 20:20:19


well done

JudgeNutmeg Fri 22-Aug-08 20:21:00

Fabulous! grin

BroccoliSpears Fri 22-Aug-08 20:21:53

Aww well done! You should be proud. And so should he .

NotAnOtter Fri 22-Aug-08 20:24:45

thankyou all!

he is very unassuming about it all - and i feel i cant really ring people and say ...

I am very proud and have actually felt sorry for the siblings as it's unlikely to be replicated!

drbread Fri 22-Aug-08 20:24:50

do you know what, i think its pretty xxxxxxxxx up that you feel you can't say it in real life.

get up on that rooftop of yours and shout it out!

very well done indeed!!!

drbread Fri 22-Aug-08 20:25:20

what does he hope to do next?

oops Fri 22-Aug-08 20:25:41

Message withdrawn

cocolepew Fri 22-Aug-08 20:26:24

Yes you can tell people in real life! well done NAOJnr

NotAnOtter Fri 22-Aug-08 20:27:26

he decided to change his a levels to all science/maths and RS as he is thinking of medicine but he is still a bit undecided

he was only 16 the day before the results ! my baby!

NotAnOtter Fri 22-Aug-08 20:28:19

oops (namechanging - we have chatted many times my dp also vet wink)

oops Fri 22-Aug-08 20:29:13

Message withdrawn

NotAnOtter Fri 22-Aug-08 20:29:44


oops Fri 22-Aug-08 20:31:39

Message withdrawn

Piffle Fri 22-Aug-08 20:31:58

not an otter

Bloody well done to you and your ds!
Fab effort

drbread Fri 22-Aug-08 20:32:05

goodluck to otter junior for the future.
sounds like a very bright future.

Buda Fri 22-Aug-08 20:34:34

WOW! Well done him!

Be proud - be very proud!

hercules1 Fri 22-Aug-08 20:38:29


BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 22-Aug-08 20:39:33

Oh well done young man

MrsJohnCusack Fri 22-Aug-08 20:46:32


bagsforlife Fri 22-Aug-08 20:48:43

Well done! Despite all the 'dumbing down' stuff, it is still v. difficult to get those results. v v well done.

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