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Worst school in the city, so unfair for the kids that have to go there :(

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MrsSnape Thu 21-Aug-08 19:20:12

My sister goes to a school with a really bad name (for those who know Hull, the school has the initials DL, you'll know it!). It failed its ofsted inspection twice, got placed into special measures, was earmarked to close and had a GCSE pass rate of 29%.

This was last year. It is now 'officially' known as the worst school in the city, loads of teachers left last year because of the behaviour of the pupils/parents etc and loads of the 'decent kids' left last year too due to bullying, poor GCSE results, terrible classes etc.

Just before the summer holidays 20 teachers announced that they were leaving too.

My sister received a letter home about the year 9 SATS and it stated that none of the pupils who sat the exams had reached the national average in French... wait for it...due to there being no French teacher for 6 months. IS THIS FAIR??

Now I've just looked at the GCSE tables for schools in Hull today and this schools pass rate has dropped from 29% to 10% in a year. TEN PERCENT. I litrally had to look twice, enlarge the table and everything because I was so sure I must have misread it.

What kind of school has a 10% pass rate??

So who's to blame? The kids? the parents? the teachers? the government?

what really gets me is how bloody unfair the education system is in Britain. If you happen to live in a shit area you get thrown into a crap school with practically no hope of getting decent grades unless you're some kind of super-pupil.

I'm so angry about this, 10%...I litrally cannot get over that one. It makes me wonder if the year 11 kids were plagued with the "sick teachers" that are apparantly off school more than the 'truant' kids.

P.S. I know there are teachers on here and this post is not a dig at you, in all honesty I don't envy anyone who has to work in an environment like that everyday but that goes for the kids that actually WANT to learn as well as the teachers.

Blandmum Thu 21-Aug-08 19:26:56

If I could answer the wuestions about why the 'failure' I'd be heading up the governments education team.

IME very poor results has a wide range of causes.

Ofter the most important is very poor standards of behavior. This tips the whole school on a downward spiral.

Poor behaviour= little work done = poor results= very stressful environment= more teacher leave= less continuity for kids= poor results and even poorer behavior= more teacher leave and so on.

Poor behaviour has a myriad of causes. Poor expectations from the parent and staff, inconsistent discipline at home and at school, social deprivation, unmet SEN needs (note I'm not saying SEN, I'm saying unmet needs)

Other reasons for low results can be things like seriously under met EAL needs, transient populations, truanting.

and not expecting the kids to work and do well. We have to expect more of them, and insist on good behaviour

Blandmum Thu 21-Aug-08 19:27:56

and teachers getting so fed up. miserable and over stressed that they give up on taching abd simply baby sit sad

magentadreamer Thu 21-Aug-08 19:52:04

Hull has for a number of years sat at the bottom of the secondary school league table. I'm from Hull ( left many years ago) and can't understand how a big city can have so many "failing" schools. Looking at the available results tonight 6 out of 13 would be closed under the govts 30% rule and another 2 only just scrape pass the 30% mark. Something isn't right there. It's a shame the LEA can't be taken over.

morocco Thu 21-Aug-08 19:59:36

Hull also suffers with its results though because it is such a tiny city with no rural hinterland. inner city schools often get crappy results compared to the richer posh bits outside the city centre but Hull is mostly city, East Riding gets all the middle class kids.
only one of many reasons though, of course.
what a shame for your sister. am with you 100% about how unfair the system is

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