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Competitive north london parents wont recommend an 11+ tutor!

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naxa Thu 21-Aug-08 13:26:00

I live in Islington and ds goes to a local state school. I would like to get him into a decent secondary (doesnt exist locally!) so I'm planning to send him private (Highgate would be ideal as its near us, but I know there are very few places) so I know I'll have to tutor him.

Yet when I asked some of the other parents at his school if they could recommend a tutor they all clammed up - competition it seems. Is this common, it seems depressing to me?

Any ideas on how I can find a good tutor with experience of getting state kids into north/central london private schools?

TotalTutorsLondon Thu 18-Aug-16 16:52:12

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AuntieStella Fri 28-Nov-14 06:43:24

The thread was started over 6 years ago.

Even allowing for a fairly long lead time, the DC in question must be at secondary by now. Possible even in the sixth form.

Alana1975 Fri 28-Nov-14 04:20:54

I think if you have time you can prepare your child yourself for 11+. I know a couple of mums who managed to do it and their children got offers from the most competitive independent school in London. And their first language was not English!

gad123 Fri 28-Nov-14 00:23:50

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bengalcat Sat 17-Nov-12 17:08:04

Miserable bunch aren't they not sharing tutors names etc .Maybe I'm weird but if I had found a good tutor I'd share that information .

You need two things to do well in an exam ..... knowledge of the subject you're sitting ( and the ability to apply that knowledge and rules ) and practice ie an awareness of type of questions asked and the ability to answer all / most of them in the required time . These are in my opinion the two key areas a tutor can provide an advantage where a primary school may not and hopefully as we're only talking about 11 year old maths here you can do that yourself .

So ask for past papers ( often on their website ) for the school/s you are interested in so you've an idea of the level and type of question he needs to be aiming for . Try printing off two papers for Maths and having a race with your kid . Good luck .

Nothingtosay Thu 08-Nov-12 10:17:16

Not in your area and don't have 11+ experience however when looking for an English tutor I was given this advice by a 'fully booked' tutor...

She said there is no harm ringing up another secondary in your area, asking to speak to the school's head of English (or getting their school email address) and asking very politely if there are any staff members willing to tutor. I suppose you could also deliver a hand delivered note.

She said the benefit was that they would likely knowledgable of same exam boards, Council protocols etc

NWThreeMum Thu 08-Nov-12 03:01:12

My warning lights are flashing red at the mention of Tavistock. Do NOT use them if you have your child's best interests at heart. I've heard scare stories about T from both sides. A friend asked for an English tutor and got someone who hadn't studied English A-level and who apparently hadn't even read the text they were looking at. Another friend's son signed up for their agency (he hasn't even finished university yet) and apparently they didn't interview him, didn't check his references and then asked him to teach economics A-level even though he's doing geography at university and only had economics AS. And he has ZERO teaching experience. I think very much a 'bargain' agency that picks up the tutors who can't find work elsewhere but I'd rather not part with even £30 for that sort of service, thanks! Wouldn't be at all surprised if 100lilgreen didn't have a vested interest... I fully agree with the secrecy of other parents, had an absolute nightmare sifting through websites and trying out tutors for my kids. Was on the brink of tears. I heard about Hippocrene Tutors by twisting the arm of a very close friend and subsequently found out other friends were using them too EVEN THOUGH THEY DIDN'T MENTION IT. It's since become a bit of a cult because we all rave about them. I think they're big on entrance exams and we all had good results. IF you can get a tutor that is, I know for some subjects their tutors are have to be booked months in advance which is the first time I've heard of that happening (??) but they want to stay a small team apparently. I've heard mixed things about Bright Young Things .. but by and large they're meant to be very good and I found the office staff to be charming but I think they take on so many tutors it's still a bit hit and miss. I'd steer clear of Fleet personally, heard some uninspiring comments. Check ads in local newsagents too, you might pick up a good tutor for cheaper rates. Can anyone recommend a tennis coach in NW3 area?

natasha1988 Tue 07-Feb-12 20:13:27

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

100lilgreen Tue 14-Jun-11 23:20:29

Ring Tavistock Tutors. very good
07772 848 159

Sparkle47 Tue 14-Jun-11 01:26:17

I'm seeking a recommendation of a good tutor for my dd, to give her a chance at the City of London School. Unfortunately, I feel the same as the original posting ... not exactly spoilt for choice in Islington.

chrissy20 Tue 15-Mar-11 07:22:31

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

bananashavenobones Fri 11-Mar-11 10:52:30

You could try Dame Alice Owen.

nlondondad Wed 02-Mar-11 22:58:39

Actually, sunflower the original posting - which is now really old - did not say there were no good secondary schools in Islington, just that they didnt rate the schools in their immediate locality.

Also Islington secondary schools have been going through a process of real improvement, so a school that might not have been "decent" three years ago would require a second look now (!).

I know a number of good concientious (sp?) people in Islington who have worked hard to drive up standards.

Sonflower Tue 01-Mar-11 22:51:48

I take no issue with your decision to get a tutor for your ds (each to their own), but I do take issue with you saying that there are no decent secondary schools in Islington.
My ds goes to one, and though not perfect, it is I believe decent and offers a good education and in my experience, has many dedicated hard working teachers doing their utmost to get the best from their students.

In what way are they not decent?
Or do you really mean they are full of children you would rather your ds not mix with?

fct1 Tue 01-Mar-11 21:18:30

I am looking for a tutor for 11+ for south herts schools.

My email is pbrighton0 at gmail dot com.

remum Sun 13-Feb-11 16:10:06

I do think it is important to use a tutor who is familiar with the school/exam that you want to sit for. Having just gone through the 11+ process for girls London Indies have realised (quite late) that some exam papers are very different than others!! Maybe that sounds naive but didnt realise that until a month before the exams!

Yoursmartchildnow Sun 13-Feb-11 15:58:27

Message deleted

myselfme Wed 08-Dec-10 12:15:07

cam someone recommend a good tutor for haberdash school , am staying in North West London.
looking for 1 to 1 tutor...
i know that tutor emails cannot be posted on this forum.. is there some way i can get a private message ....

Camp Sun 17-Oct-10 16:47:50

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Camp Sun 17-Oct-10 16:46:42

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

smartiejake Thu 28-Aug-08 23:52:49

Have you got a local Kip Mcgrath Centre?
Lots of kids round here have had lots of success with their 11+ tuition.

nlondondad Thu 28-Aug-08 23:17:26

Actually Naxa I know of an agency we have found excellent.

They have a web site:-

It is a not for profit cooperative, Over the years we have used five different tutors from them and they were all very good. One or two good might have been luck, but a such a run suggests they have good quality control.

They are based in Muswell Hill, so very much your area.

In your area another independent Parents use for boys is City of London School.

Good idea to enter him for several exams (tho' not TOO many!) as the practice very useful. Schools VERY reluctant to recommend tutors because:-

1. If it doesnt work out THEY get blamed

2. Being willing to recommend a tutor can be construed as admitting that the school is not up to snuff, and would be so construed by some people.

3. Sometimes, in Islington, the objection IS political...

As to the parents.....not recommending. They could be afraid of being held responsible too. I only recommend the agency and not an individual tutor for that reason.

Posey Wed 27-Aug-08 21:14:42

I'm in your area and recommended a tutor to ControlFreaky. The tutor was/is used by a few people we know, but not by us, we didn't use one. As far as I know she was very pleased with tutor and her child got in to a very good school.
I haven't been on here much over the summer so not sure if CF is around, maybe you could give her a shout. I would recommend the woman but I cannot now for the life of me remember any of her details.

brimfull Thu 21-Aug-08 19:35:34

ooh very cloak and dagger

I have use personaltutors website,but not sure they cater for 11plus

llareggub Thu 21-Aug-08 19:21:48

This sounds like the making of a newspaper article.

Do these people actually exist?

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