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A level results - Warning - Proud Mum alert!

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RustyBear Thu 14-Aug-08 08:23:06

DD has just got her A levels results - she got 5 As and will be going to Exeter University to do Psychology.

Can't get hold of DH, as he's driving to work, so I have to tell you lot instead!

jalopy Thu 14-Aug-08 08:24:01

Fantastic. What a clever girl!

fedupandisolated Thu 14-Aug-08 08:24:06

Congratulations RustyBear DD. Have fun at Uni.

twentypence Thu 14-Aug-08 08:24:13

Well done to your dd - that's an amazing result and you have every right to be proud.

traceybath Thu 14-Aug-08 08:25:17

Well done! They're fab.

Simply Thu 14-Aug-08 08:25:47

Oh congratulations to her! Well done. She must have worked extremely hard to achieve those results. smile As an aside, I know of someone who is studying Psychology and she finds it fascinating.

Twinkie1 Thu 14-Aug-08 08:28:32

Wow - wot a clever girl - congratulations to your DD (and you on having such a clever daughter!).

SqueakyPop Thu 14-Aug-08 08:29:43

Congratulations to RB's DD! That's a great achievement.

FAQ Thu 14-Aug-08 08:30:48

well done RB's DD - she'll be joining one of my best babysitters in Exeter (she's about to go into her 2nd year - can't remember what subject though blush).

brimfull Thu 14-Aug-08 08:33:33

wow-well done to her!

did you get the results posted to you?

RustyBear Thu 14-Aug-08 08:35:18

The sixth form college has a website where you can log in & see your results straight away - she will have to go in & pick up the paper confirmation later on.

brimfull Thu 14-Aug-08 08:37:39

oh I am just asking as dd is getting gcse results next week and has to be on a bus to Reading at 10am so unsure if the results will be here on time

RustyBear Thu 14-Aug-08 08:40:48

When DD did GCSEs they picked them up from school about 9 am I think (different school)
If the school has a website you might be able to find out when they'll be available - could she go there on the way to the bus?

Hope she enjoys Reading - DD is looking forward to it.

eemie Thu 14-Aug-08 08:50:54

Congratulations to her
Finger crossed for my nephew

RustyBear Thu 14-Aug-08 08:55:33

Good luck to your nephew eemie.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 14-Aug-08 09:00:24

Well done to dd RusyBear! ds2 is off to collect his AS results this morning. We're not expecting 4 As though, bless him.

Lilymaid Thu 14-Aug-08 09:01:31

Fantastic news for your DD. Of course, she is going to the best university (as I believe you know!)

SqueakyPop Thu 14-Aug-08 09:04:12

My DS did one AS this year and he can't be bothered going into school to get the result. He figures he only has one more day to wait for it to come in the post tomorrow.

He will be picking up his GCSE results next week though.

VanillaPumpkin Thu 14-Aug-08 09:04:25

Oh well done your DD!!! And yes she is off to the best Uni gringrin. I hope she has a ball!!! I did, oh and worked very hard of course in between.

RustyBear Thu 14-Aug-08 09:04:31

Yes, DH & I met there! (Unfortunately they don't seem to give family discounts on the fees...)

mumeeee Thu 14-Aug-08 11:27:11

Thats Fantastic congratulations to your DD.
DD2 has got a Double Distinction in BTEC Performing Arts ( that is 2 A's} and C in English A level,

RustyBear Thu 14-Aug-08 11:34:06

Congratulations to mumeeee's DD!
What does she want to do now?

Christie Thu 14-Aug-08 11:34:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RustyBear Thu 14-Aug-08 11:38:30

With good reason Christie! Well done to your DS - what will he be studying?

Christie Thu 14-Aug-08 12:08:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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