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Bishop Douglas School in East Finchley

(17 Posts)
ilovethecake Sun 27-Jul-08 01:03:50

Hi, we live local to this school. does anyone know anything about this school? Thanks

mdrooney Mon 28-Jul-08 13:32:57

Hi My dd2 has just left the local catholic primary school, near to bishop douglas and not one of our year 6s has gone on to that school that must tell you something.
Many years ago it used to be a good school but it went down hill and although I belive it is now improving it still hasnt got a good reputation and not many local parents send there children there so alot come from out of the borough, I belive and they are really trying to improve things and it has great fasillities but by going on league tables and word of mouth I wouldnt have sent my dds there.

mdrooney Mon 28-Jul-08 15:04:18

But on a postive note a friend who didnt have any other school for her daughter, her dd went there and kept her head down and came out with all a* in her gcses.

ilovethecake Mon 28-Jul-08 21:48:12

Hi Md, thanks for your reply, yes, i to have heard bad things, but i do believe that locals do need to give this school a chance, we are not in any catchment area, so it's hard!

mdrooney Tue 29-Jul-08 08:38:44

I agree that if more local parents sent their children there then it would improve and its so sad as the girls from dd primary school have all gone off to diffrent schools, the boys do have a better choice and most go off to finchley catholic, but it would have been nice for there to be a mixed catholic school that I would have been happy to send dd to,s a mixed school wold have suited her better, but as much as I agree that the school would improve if local parents sent their children there I wasnt prepered to take the chance with daughters who now have to go out of the borough to a good girls catholic comp, aot of the trouble with Barnet is that there are really great schools which unless you live on the doorstep or grammer (dont get me started) you cant get a place or really bad schools which are deemed as failling.
There is new school oppening in north finchley this year its a faith school and its looks promising, some of dd friends will be going there and the parents were very impressed with the head its called the Wren accedmy, good luck with finding a school.

ilovethecake Tue 29-Jul-08 14:29:21

Hi, funny as my dd really doesn't want to go to the Wren as she doesn't like the uniform, she doesn't want to go to Compton as they have to wear their blazers in the summer, not sure we would get in there anyway, apparently our nearest schools are in Hendon, and i don't really want to send her there! We are not Catholic but Christians but BD is in walking distance!! I know of a couple of local people that have sent their children there and are very happy with it, they say the new head is fab, i'll just have to wait and see! Thanks for getting back to me,

MrsFlittersnoop Tue 29-Jul-08 16:23:18

Hi there!

1st time poster (but regular lurker) here! Saw your message and wanted to reply because we live in Finchley. I have a 12 year old DS who has just finished his first year at the boy's comp. over the road from BD.

Secondary school provision for girls really sucks in Barnet. Many of DS's girl classmates from primary school had problems finding a good place, but I would go for the the new Wren Academy like a shot if I were in your situation.

The Compton is impossible unless you live right on the doorstep, and TBH, in spite of great Ofsteds and league table positions, we have seen and heard things about behaviour there which are not so good. Several of DS's friends' parents chose DS's school for this reason.

Unless your DD is VERY academically able, AND you are practising Catholics, St Michael's Grammar will not be an option for her.

BD has certainly had problems in the past, but seems to be improving. You might also consider Friern Barnet school in North Finchley. Exam esults have been poor for years, but there is a new Head now, and I know several parents who are very happy with the school.

Forget about the uniform - all kids hate uniforms - that's the whole point of them!

HTH and good luck!

ilovethecake Wed 30-Jul-08 21:36:17

Hi Flitter, welcome to Mumsnet, i'm glad you chose my thread to be be the first to join in, i'm sure like me your be hooked, thanks for your reply, i'll wait till Sept then do the rounds with hubby and daughter in tow!!

frogs Thu 31-Jul-08 11:42:55

DD2's nursery teacher's ds goes to bishop douglass, and she reckons the head teacher is fab and the school is great.

Just thought I'd throw that in...


ilovethecake Fri 01-Aug-08 02:46:08

Thanks Frogs for that, thats what i was told too!! Every year a school will change, new children and new staff, it only takes a few rotton apples to upset the cart, and that can be at any school!!

LOVEMYMUM Fri 01-Aug-08 02:56:55

My parents live in Ludlow Way (where i grew up) and I once rang the school to complain about the noise and behaviour of the children. This was a few years ago, but things haven't changed.

mycounty Tue 28-Jun-11 20:54:33

I have a freind who lives near the school. Most local people don't send their children to this school, as it is a dump. The childrens' behaviour (well some of them) is dreadful.

thenevernever Tue 28-Jun-11 22:57:39

mycounty - why are you commenting on a 3 year old thread?

relative316 Tue 13-Sep-16 16:52:30

This is a dreadful school , I recommend that you never send your children there and I implore you to tell other's not to send their children , the school -while it has been know to produce good exam results -has absolutely no interest in the well being of your children , the member's of staff and the senior staff are only concerned about asserting authority , they give punishments out to children for the littlest of things , something as simple as walking on the wrong side of the corridor , the head teachers treats the school like a business , and the staff are not interested in the views of parents , they believe that they have the highest authority over the children , and when questioned they hide behind their school policies and use them to justify their actions.

james8900 Sun 16-Oct-16 20:01:06

went to the open morning the other week, normally open mornings/evening at a catholic school are always very busy, if not not packed. less than 30 attending!
This immediately stared alarm bells ringing...
Headmaster did not give a talk. Asked our student guide if in many years time, if the school is as it now, would you send your family here?
Long pause and hesitation in response...
When I have asked this question before, students never pause or hesitate.
The way the guide responded said everything and nothing...

Do a Google search for Bishop Douglas School Finchley
This is one of the very few catholic schools that have reviews on Google (right hand side of page), none of which paint a good picture.

I'm going to follow the recommendations from Google and Mumsnet, leave this boot camp/hothouse of the CAF list

FanDabbyFloozy Sun 16-Oct-16 21:55:03

James - what other options are you looking at? I had heard BD was on "the up" so it's a shame to read it is not.

Workneverdone Sun 01-Oct-17 22:11:30

I'd say it does feel 'on the up'- and the other parents we met at Bishop Douglass school felt as we did. Maybe I'm looking at threads that may be a little old now? We went to Open evening AND morning tour last week and we were blown away by the school. Lovely atmosphere! In the evening the young tour guide was articulate and obviously loved his school, and with so many students helping out all over the place, many must feel the same. All the lessons on the Open morning we passed by were calm and we were impressed. Few more schools to see, but this is top of the list so far!

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