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Boys' shoes for secondary ... is there anything that's IN or OUT

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roisin Sat 26-Jul-08 18:58:22

ds1 has to wear proper shoes at his new secondary and they're quite strict. (At his primary they've got away with trainer-type hybrids.)

I don't want to buy him something, and then find out it's not cool and he wants something else. (He's size 7 and this seems to be borderline between boys/mens departments.)

Any ideas? What do your boys wear?

I'm dreading September - after 6 weeks' slobbing around in trackies and trainers it will be agony forcing him into a shirt (top button done up), tie, proper trousers, and proper shoes!


bagsforlife Sun 27-Jul-08 06:30:51

My DS2 has just finished Year 7 at strict uniform school and we got him slip on leather shoes from Jones' (proper shoe shop!). Copied the style from older brother. They have been brilliant, comfortable, no laces and still look quite smart and still fit him for this year it appears. Can just shove them on at last minute, minimum fuss. He is about size 6 or 7, so they do do them in that awkward size before men's sizes. Also got cheap, washable blazer from M and S and sewed badge on rathe than the proper heavy blazer from school outfitters. Have washed it several times and is still OK.(has been lost on occasions, but thankfully found again though).

roisin Sun 27-Jul-08 16:48:29

We got him slip-ons once before (from Clarks) some time bag, and they didn't wear well at all: they soon became slip-offs iyswim.

I think he'd like slip-ons though, so I might give them a go.

Any more ideas from anyone?!

Celia2 Sun 27-Jul-08 16:55:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mumblechum Sun 27-Jul-08 17:00:06

I still get ds's shoes measured, and find that Clarkes only stock Bootleg in his size.

When his mates come round, there are generally 6 pairs of identical shoes by the front door....

WendyWeber Sun 27-Jul-08 17:07:34

I think all the supermarkets/cheapie stores do have mens' shoes in size 7 so worth a look in Asda/Matalan/other usual suspects.

DS2 likes slip-offs too, eg this sort of style and also these (mens') and these and ones with moccasin sort of stitching round the toe.

I wouldn't buy online though, you'll have to take his feet shopping with you really, sorry roisin grin

WendyWeber Sun 27-Jul-08 17:08:35

Bootleg are very good, but you need to buy them early - we left it until mid-Aug last year & they had no big ones left in (hence the Matalan experience!)

roisin Sun 27-Jul-08 19:38:51

OK, thanks all. I will take him shopping later this week and see what we can find.

He's a horror for trying things on in shops impatiently and grumpily and mumbling/grunting "yes, that's fine" and then deciding later that it's not fine ... sometimes I suspect because he's mates have told him whatever it is is not 'cool'.

saffy202 Sun 27-Jul-08 19:53:08

DS1 has been wearing Ben Sherman shoes with laces for the past couple of years. I hate shopping for school shoes as he'll say no to all I show him and then pick up a style which looks just like what I have shown him!

WendyWeber Sun 27-Jul-08 23:41:42

Just remembered that Sports World/Sports Direct/ whatever they're called atm (those huge edge of town sports shops) usually have a range of school type shoes - as well as football boots, trainers, footie socks, shin pads, goalie gloves, gym/football shorts & all manner of other lovely September essentials smile

roisin Wed 30-Jul-08 18:05:47

WendyWeber - I was thinking of you today, again. I've been having some problems with my boots (and lots of blisters - ouch!) So we ended up at George Fisher in Keswick today for some advice. I ended up spending some ££ on some super-duper new footbeds, which should sort them out.

Anyway whilst there it struck me again that ds2 is still wearing WW-family boots, and they are still going strong. I cleaned, polished and waxed them last week, but they still look very battered: but they still do the business and he never gets blisters!

Yesterday he almost leapt across a muddy/marshy stream and ended up ankle deep in mud grin

So thanks again. I think those boots should have had a pedometer fastened to them, to count how many miles they've done in their lifetime!

WendyWeber Wed 30-Jul-08 20:53:50

Oh really? How lovely grin

FWIW I came across some bigger ones at the weekend - approx size 5-6 & 6-7 (very approx!) Could you use them?

WendyWeber Wed 30-Jul-08 20:57:58

(NB that was lovely about the miles, not the blisters! grin)

roisin Thu 31-Jul-08 12:27:28

Hiya! Yes please, we could certainly use some larger ones.

Let me know if you have any plans to be in Cumbria this summer and we could meet up?

bigdonna Tue 05-Aug-08 08:39:23

hi my son starts secondary in sept we seen some ben sherman slip on shoes in a uniform shop last night thats what my son wants have looked at the clarks ones but not sure if they are cool for an 11 yr old .

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