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Indicated Admission Numbers?

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BluePenguin Mon 23-Jun-08 12:07:21

I'm just looking at a form and trying to work out how likely it is that DS will get a place in our prefered school (out of catchment).

What does indicated admission numbers mean?

Because it says
"Indicted admission number = 241"
"2009 admission number - 232"

Does this mean 241 applied but only 232 got in? or does it mean it had space for 241 but only 232 applied? etc

fashionista Mon 14-Jul-08 22:12:33

Call the school or borough and ask them.

ihatebikerides Tue 15-Jul-08 20:06:58

And then come back and tell us! smile

cory Wed 16-Jul-08 10:00:44

I think the top number is the absolute maximum number that the school can take in, on health and safety grounds etc.

The lower number could be one of two things:

the number that actually applied and all got admitted

or (more likely if the school is popular)

the number that the school says is its maximum for effective teaching, hence the number that actually got admitted, regardless of how many applied

When our application was turned down, we were told that they had taken in the lower number. At the appeals meeting, the school had to prove their case for this being the right decision (which they did very convincingly). We then had to prove why they needed to admit one extra child (dd) because the detriment to her would be greater than the detriment to the other children if they took in one more.

We appealed on the grounds of dd's disability and won the appeal. Most of the people who appealed did not get a place.

LIZS Wed 16-Jul-08 10:06:22

It could be the first is the number they theoretically could accommodate and the second the actual they did admit. One school near us has a specific number of places per year set aside for SEN and Looked After children, C of E and RC, so there may have been a shortfall in one or more categories but they have to keep the places open.

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