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Minniemoos Sun 30-Mar-08 14:41:19

DD is currently at an independent girls school and is thoroughly miserable there...imagine the movie "Mean Girls" but without the happy ending!I couldn't move her earler (she's now in Yr 7)because it was physically impossible to get her to Newcastle (my prefered choice)but I've since moved house and although it would be a bit of a trek, I could probably get her to Newcastle now.Does anybody have kids, particularly girls, at the RGS in Newcastle?I'd love to hear how they're finding it there.

Loshad Sat 17-May-08 20:24:19

sorry to hear about the cows - they were big in my day [old fart emoticon]
Dr wilkinson was there, i stayed at her house one night before a debating competiton because my parents were away (bizarre or waht) - the other two didn't teach there when i was there

tortoiseSHELL Sat 17-May-08 22:32:18

She was fantastic! Who was head in your time? We had Miss Stephenson.

tortoiseSHELL Sat 17-May-08 22:33:49

I remember being in SERIOUS trouble, because, do you remember where the head's office was, looking out over the playground? Well, it had snowed, and 2 friends and I were not walking along the cleared path, we were making footprints...we heard a tapping on the glass, and a voice saying 'Girls, Girls, you are walking in all the snow...' and then her voice was filled with sadness as she looked down and said sorrowfully 'and girls - you are wearing your indoor shoes...'


dutchmam Sun 18-May-08 09:00:07

Found this thread and read it with interest, as my DS will be starting DS prep school (B) in September. I liked DS looking round, although it will be many years before DS is secondary school age.
MInniemoos, I thought the transport to the Durham schools was all combined, so a bus taking kids to DHS would also pass DS?
Two nephews of mine are at RGS, they both love it and would recommend it.

Minniemoos Sun 18-May-08 11:35:20

No dutchmam, the bus is only for DHS.I've got a friend with a DD at B btw and she is thriving there!You'll be sad to hear tortoiseshell and Loshad that apparently the green uniform is going!shock It's going to be navy blazer and checked pleated skirt....allegedly.Haven't had a letter home confirming this yet so poor DD is seeing the term out with her now rather 3/4 sleeved blazer blush.Just watch, the day DD gets kitted out with the new uniform (it'll be new gym kit, the lot I bet!)will be the day I get a knock on the door from a new neighbour wanting to lift share to Newcastle.grin.

Loshad Sun 18-May-08 14:38:12

Will be really sad that no more greenflies will grace the local buses.
Miss salter was head ofr most of the time, then Miss Stephenson for a bit (my mum was chair of the pta then i think) and she had to share Miss Stephenson's table at some school dance - said Miss s was the most boring person she'd ever met shock
when did DS buy B - don't tell me it was years and years ago!

tortoiseSHELL Sun 18-May-08 18:14:42

That is sad about the green uniform - much as I hated it! I think the green gaberdine was the worst, and the green science overalls. Or perhaps the brown socks...

Are you definitely going to move your dd minniemoos?

tortoiseSHELL Sun 18-May-08 18:16:05

One of the most hilarious lessons we had was 'Dress' - in Year 11 - because the sixth form didn't wear uniform, so I think they were terrified everyone would turn up in massively unsuitable clothes...

It was fantastically funny, the teacher basically went through all the class saying 'this would suit you, you should wear your hair like this, and please girls, remember to shave your legs...'

Minniemoos Sun 18-May-08 21:06:34

Wonder if they still do the 'Dress' class? The withering looks alone from Year 11s these days would be enough to floor a 20 stone grown man.hmmI pity the teacher who has to enforce the ban on fake tan....shock.It's not definite that DD is going to move.Academically, she's doing extremely well and never complains about the amount of homework they get etc.In fact, she'll complain to me about any teachers who she thinks don't teach very well or allow too much noise in the classroom.shockYeah, I know...if I hadn't been present there at the birth I'd swear she wasn't related to me!!It's the pastoral side that is my main concern.We'll go to open days for other schools next term and take it from there.

Minniemoos Sun 18-May-08 21:10:17

Oh I should have mentioned the brown socks went a long time ago.As did the hideous scratchy winter coats in Junior House.They've been replaced by quite nice ( I think) duffle coats.Of course I'd have to sedate DD these days to get her into a duffle coat..............hmm

tortoiseSHELL Sun 18-May-08 21:15:07

Minniemoos - do you have CAT? If so, CAT me, or I could CAT you....there is more I want to say!

ecochica Tue 12-May-09 11:06:41

Very old converstaion now but have just sen this. My daughter is in Year 5 and is really happy at RGS. If your DD is a doer then this is the place for her. The girls are in a minority (2/3 boys 1/3 girls) but what I have noticed is how supportive the girls are of each other and how they stick together.

When I see the problems friends are having with cattiness and bullying at the single sex girls schools i know I made the right decision.

ClapTrap Mon 17-Oct-11 22:52:24

Ok, so now we are nearly four years down the line....has this particular green girl's school changed? We're currently thinking about sending our DD (3.5) there next September, but worried after reading this...

Loshad Wed 19-Oct-11 22:37:26

leave it with me claptrap - wrinklies still live in area and know some dgc who go so will ferret out info over half term and return!

mumconcern Sun 30-Oct-11 19:02:09

I want to put my son in RGS Newcastle in sept 20111 year 3 entry.I heard it is pretty tough to get through the assessment .Does anybody know anything abbot it and how to prepare for it ?

Magpielover Wed 04-Jan-12 14:05:32

Just been reading all these posts and have to speak up for Central in Newcastle. My daughter was at school in Durham - Durham High - but hated it. has moved to Central and loves oit. Very friendly and welcoming. Excellent results but not a hothouse. I wouyld recommend anyone with a daughter to visit - you'll love it smile smile - best investment you can make smile

walkies123456789 Wed 16-Jan-13 23:35:36

I have just read these comments. I knew a girl who goes to Central and it's very clicky there and you would have to be there since junior house otherwise you wont get along. It takes around 3 years to make friends, and you dont feel comfortable there. On the other Dame allans is a very friendly school, with great GCSE results and the boys and girls are separated in classes. But for Minniemoos as you daughter is educational, you should take her to RGS as they don't mind if you clever there or anything like that. Westfield is a brilliant school, with such a good atmosphere. As one of my daughters go there and she loves it. But the results arent as high as RGS or DA, Dame allans is a great school I would recommend either Dame allans, westfield or RGS. It matter what your girl is like

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